• conversational ai
Conversational AI is a key element in customer relationships; learn more about Blip’s tools at Congress The conversational era has arrived hand in hand with platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, and with a significant shift in consumer behavior: people today prefer text messaging over other channels. Today, having a business profile in a
  • healthtech
Novacomp is a leading company with over 25 years of experience providing technological solutions and workforce, with offices in the United States, Costa Rica, and over 20 countries in Latin America. We offer bilingual professionals with higher education and high performance, with savings of up to 60% in the investment of having internal work teams.
  • observabilidad
Your company’s observability will be easier with the solution that Dyntrace will present at the America Digital Congress. As digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down, the complexity of modern multicloud ecosystems continues to increase. The collection, consultation, storage and processing of data are being exploited. The observability and security markets are converging to
  • plataforma
The project management platform will present at the Congress the solutions that will help your company improve and streamline its productivity.  At Asana, we believe that working collaboratively as a team is essential for business success. Our project management solutions are designed to help teams work more efficiently and productively. With this, we allow them
  • normatividad
Regulations are becoming increasingly complex to comply with, and in a changing world, digital solutions can be the answer. Learn more about Coldview at the Congress Is there any sector of the organization in which technology is not present? The answer is no. Digital transformation has become a strategic and survival axis of the corporate
  • hyper-personalization
Today, customers expect the brands they consume to provide hyper-personalization in customer service. embBlue will present how to achieve this at the Congress. emBlue, Latin America’s leading Customer Engagement platform, recently announced the implementation of AI and machine learning solutions With this solution, company wants to power its promise to help companies create more relevant
  • digitization
STid readers will be present at the Congress and you will be able to learn how they work. Visit the stand. By Susana Gallegos, Regional Sales Director Latam The community of technology experts in Mexico is excited about the 8° America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023, event that will take place on 21