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Conversational AI is a key element in customer relationships; learn more about Blip’s tools at Congress

The conversational era has arrived hand in hand with platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, and with a significant shift in consumer behavior: people today prefer text messaging over other channels.

Today, having a business profile in a conversational channel means having a competitive advantage in a highly digitalized and connected world.

Blip’s technology can transform a standard chatbot into an intelligent contact, capable of delivering a personalized, intuitive, seamless and efficient user experience.

Blip will present its conversational intelligence solutions in a conference during the 9th America Digital Business & Tech Congress Mexico 2024

In the conference Boost Business Growth with Conversational AI on WhatsApp, Diana González Lozano, Country Manager Mexico of Blip will talk about how to take advantage of this technology in your business.

Together with René Abdala Mirwald, Director of Strategic Planning and Operational Efficiency at Quálitas, they will explain the benefits of this new technology in industries as diverse as insurance.

Attendees also will also be able to connect with the team at Blip at stand C4 of the tradeshow to learn more about how to bolster their customer support, sales and marketing strategies with artificial intelligence.

The digital ecosystem is undergoing crucial transformations with modern artificial intelligence peaking and the rise of conversational channels as new entry points between businesses and consumers.

The integration of AI to messaging platforms has led to the so-called Conversational AI, which allows businesses to enable verified accounts in platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram and Google RCS to generate leads, retain customers and build loyalty.

“This trend arises in response to digital hyperconnectivity and new habits of information consumption and digital sales.

“Companies have understood the importance of having an omnichannel presence and offering a user experience in a way that they understand very well: by talking!”, comments Diana González, Country Manager of Blip México.

In that sense, Blip is emerging as a great ally for companies seeking to connect with their customers on a large scale.

Integrates different conversational intelligence solutions into a single platform, easy to use for management teams.

And that results in a fluid, efficient, intuitive and interactive user experience for the end consumer.

Conversational Care

Blip advisors help companies build bots with conversational flows that manage to attack pain points at each stage of the customer journey, from the first point of contact to the customer loyalty stage.

Blip offers a range of conversational intelligence options to turn a standard automated chatbot into an intelligent contact capable of maintaining a conversation in natural language, intuiting customer needs and channeling to a human operator, if necessary.

Conversational Marketing

For marketing purposes, Blip solutions focus on the discovery, retention and loyalty stage.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we activate Click-to-WhatsApp campaigns to attract customers through segmented ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

And then, redirect them to WhatsApp to continue with a conversational experience capable of qualifying leads.

Conversational Sales

In addition to carrying out the verification process of official business accounts, Blip also provides support for the activation of a catalog of products and services.

The customer can search for their favorite items and add them to a shopping cart without leaving WhatsApp.

Geared towards the purchasing process, Blip’s generative AI helps brands deliver an intuitive conversational experience and provide personalized recommendations to customers.

Today, smart contacts are becoming invaluable in the complex landscape of various industries, whether used for internal or external purposes.

As AI-powered innovation becomes key to driving sales and ensuring fast, effective communication with people (and therefore customers).

And now more than ever, being part of the conversation means competing. with other companies for offering a meaningful experience in conversational channels.

Learn more about conversational AI at the 9th America Digital Congress Mexico 2024 this June 19 and 20. Buy your tickets here.

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