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The technology platform specialized in optimizing payment and collection systems is ready to drive growth for Mexican businesses.

Online sales are revolutionizing the world of finance and transactions.

This evolution is driving businesses and financial institutions to adopt innovative technologies faster than ever before.

At the same time, consumers are demanding a variety of payment methods that ensure a secure and efficient shopping experience. 

The challenge for businesses is to provide a frictionless payment experience that ensures a high percentage of customers complete their purchase on the business portal.

At the same time, is enabling the business to increase revenue at the lowest cost and with access to instant reconciliation for timely decision making.

Toku will be at the 9th America Digital Business & Tech Congress Mexico 2024 this June 19 and 20 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

At booth C5 on the exhibition floor you will be able to learn about the company’s solutions in payment methods.

The big challenge for businesses: offer a variety of payment methods

Companies can choose to build and maintain their own payment software (which is often a complicated and costly endeavor).

This brings with it the responsibility of managing enrollments, integrations, and compliance requirements with each payment service provider (PSP).

Managing multiple automated payment providers in one location can be challenging, as can establishing agreements with banks for access to automated debits and maintaining separate agreements with card acquirers.

In addition, each company is faced with the time-consuming task of manually reconciling the information provided by each provider and developing a method of reconciliation between their ERP system and their bank account.

This requires a significant investment of financial and human resources to effectively communicate with customers to maintain a good level of collections in an environment of increasing delinquency rates.

In addition, they must manage and maintain strong transaction data security certifications to build trust with their customers.


Simplify payments and collections with Toku

There is an alternative that takes all these burdens off the shoulders of companies, a Software as a Service (SaaS) or a platform specialized in payments, such as Toku.

It is specializes in this field and can both simplify and streamline the flow of financial transactions, through a powerful infrastructure that seeks to drive revenue to the account every month, at the lowest cost, with the best payment experience and in a 100% reconciled way.

Toku is a platform that stands out for its rapid growth and recognition in Latin America, with a presence in countries such as Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

It focuses on helping companies in different industries to offer a wide range of payment methods, centralizing the management of automatic payments, credit and debit card payments, CoDi, cash, direct debit and bank transfers in a single experience.

In addition, Toku stands out for its personalized attention to the needs of each company, offering specific solutions and a close follow-up of each project.

From the evaluation to the quick resolution of any inconvenience. In terms of reconciliation, it automates the return of information to the ERP or consolidates payment information in a single portal.

It even makes it easy to communicate with customers through channels such as WhatsApp and email, where an intelligent algorithm that makes contact decisions increases collections with just two clicks. As if that were not enough, Toku is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, ensuring maximum security for transaction data.

About Toku

Toku is a leading financial technology company specializing in end-to-end payment solutions.

Founded in 2020, Toku provides customized payment solutions for industries with recurring payments, enabling businesses to increase revenue while minimizing costs through efficient payment processing and improved customer experiences.

With offices in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, Toku is committed to transforming the financial landscape in Latin America. For more information, please visit www.trytoku.com 

For further information:

Yameli Rocha


+52 1 55 2750 6759

Fernanda Morales


+52 1 55 1802 5907

Attend the 9th America Digital Congress Mexico 2024 and visit Toku’s booth. Buy your tickets here

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