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It does not matter if you are a Country Manager, CEO, CIO, CDO, CISO, CMO, CTO, CFO, innovation, digital transformation manager, professional from different areas or a leader in your organization. Everybody needs justify to somebody (including himself) the reasons & benefits to attend a Congress.
Thinking in this challenge, the America Digital team has prepared different tools to help you justify to attend along with your team to the 8th America Digital Mexico Congress 2023.

One of this tools is the LETTER TO YOUR BOSS.
You will find the letter below and you can download it here.

Dear [Manager’s Name],

As we are in the process of defining plans and activities to achieve our goals in technology, business and digital transformation 2024. I would like to discuss the fact of attending or that we attend as an area / company delegation to the 9th Congress America Digital Mexico 2024 to be held May 19th-20th in WTC, Mexico City.

Congress America Digital is recognized for being the epicenter of Technology and Business in Mexico & Central America for 2 days, with more than 100 global / local technology providers in Expo Digital, +1000 Business Meetings 1 to 1, +100 Conferences specialized in # Telecom #5G #SaaS #IA #IOT #Big Data #Cloud #Cybersecurity #Blockchain #Fintech #eCommerce #Digital Marketing applied to the digital transformation of our business.

Participating offers us a unique opportunity, scarcely available in Mexico and Central America, to meet with VPs and global / local experts from Microsoft, Intel, Google, Amazon, Telefónica, Tableau, ServiceNow, Deloitte, Bain & Company, Tivit, Globallogic, Eset, Ricoh, Fiserv, Hootsuite, Sophos, HP, Cloudfare, Equifax, Emailage, which can help us improve our management, production, marketing, communication and sales processes. It is also an opportunity to share experiences, strategic and operational keys with +3,000 C-Levels (CEOs, CDOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs), decision-making government authorities Mexico & Central America leading innovation and digital transformation in their organizations. It is often said that participating in America Digital is equivalent to completing an MBA in digital technologies or that it is equivalent to doing more business in 2 days than in 1 year.

The cost of each ticket is US$ 160 p/p, which is 4 times lower than the registration costs of similar events in the USA or Europe, even more considering the lower costs of accommodation / transfers required since the event is held 100 % Online.

Having in turn a discount for registration of a delegation of our organization. Another important benefit is that each professional in our organization who registers will receive free access for three months (standard price US$ 190 / year per person) to the America Digital Network APP where we can have access to connect online with the historical attendees (+7,000 executives) and see in Video On Demand (VOD) mode the more than 300 specialized conferences of the previous Congresses.


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