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International Seminar and Latam Forum Conferences



Inspiration and future will be the base of the International Seminar of 10th America Digital Tech & Business Congress, Mexico 2025, where best sellers authors, disruptive enterprise founders that had transformed the way we live and do business, global leaders, influencers and experts will inspire us with their experience and vision about the changes we should confront as executives, companies and society in the digital era to maintain our competitiveness.



  • June 18th
    Day 1
  • June 19th
    Day 2
  • International Seminar
  • Digital Banking & Fintech
  • AI&Digital Transformation A
  • AI&Digital Transformation B
8:00 am - 08:50 hrs
Accreditation & reception

9:00 - 9:55 hrs
Presidency Inauguration

10:00 am - 10:40 hrs
Emerging technologies to improve e-government
Erika Piirmets (Estonia)
Digital Transformation Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Centre
#E-government #e-Estonia #blockchain

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
RPA: Boosting Efficiency and Innovation in ITALIKA
Mauricio Alarcón H. (Mexico)
Chief Data Officer ITALIKA
#IA #Robotics #Industry4.0

11:30 - 12:10 hrs
Culture of Innovation: Creation and Rise of Netflix
Mitch Lowe (Silicon Valley, United States)
Co- Founding Senior Executive Netflix
#Innovation #Digital #Disruption

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
L’Oréal Group: The #1 Beauty Tech in the world.
Rodolfo Rigante (Mexico)
CIO L’Oréal Latin America
#LorealGroupe #BeautyTech #DigitalTransformation

13:00 hrs
1 to 1 Meetings and Home Specialized Forums.

14:00 - 14:15 hrs.
Opening C- Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

14:15 - 15:00 hrs
How GenAI helps improve customer engagement
Analicia Garcia (USA),
Vice President of Fintech, Digital Partnerships and Retail Mastercard
#MastercardServices #InnovationAtMastercard #MastercardBeyondCards

15:00 - 15:40 hrs.
Let’s talk about nuam, a meeting point between innovation and sustainability.
Carlos Barrios (Colombia)
Sustainability & IR Senior Manager, nuam
Diego Fernández (Colombia)
CIO, nuam
#nuam #Innovation #Sustainability

15:45-16:25 hrs.
Optimizing issuance services to increase financial inclusion and expansion in Latam.
Oscar Muñoz (USA)
Commercial Vice President, Las Americas Euronet Worldwide
Alejandro Hernandez CEO Soluciones Solfin
#digitalpayments #renpayments #solfin

16:30 - 17:10 hrs.
Omnichannel, Digital Identity in the Financial Sector.
Adolfo Loera Marín (Mexico)
CEO Applied Biometrics
#DigitalIdentity #Biometrics #DigitalTransformation

17:15- 17:55 hrs
Collaboration: the key trend of the fintech sector.
Devie Mohan (United Kingdom)
Top 10 Global Fintech Influencer
#Fintech Ecosystem #Collaboration #Trends

18:00 - 18:40 hrs.
Challenges Panel in Fintech and Digital Payments in Mexico and Latam
Diego Arguelles (Mexico)
Product Leader, Stripe Latin America.
Cecilia Álvarez (Mexico)
Director of Compliance & Internal Control Kueski
Louis Zaltzman (Mexico)
Lifecycle Manager Director, RappiCard
Alberto Ratia (Mexico)
Co-founder and CEO, FintechU (moderator)
br/> #DigitalPayments #Fintech #Latam

18:45 - 19:30 hrs.
1 to 1 Networking

19:30 hrs
Closing day 1 – C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

14:00 - 14:15 hrs
Inauguration C-Level Forum AI & Digital Transformation A

14:15 -14:55 hrs
Zoho CRM: The Comprehensive Command Center for Business Success
Tania Arruñada Pérez (Mexico)
Latam Regional Sales Manager Zoho
#ZohoLatam #Zoho #Zohocrm

15:00 - 15:40 hrs
Boost Business Growth with AI Conversation on WhatsApp.
Diana González Lozano (Mexico)
Country Manager, Blip
René Abdala Mirwald (Mexico)
Director of Strategic Planning and Operational Efficiency, Quálitas
#SomosBlip #IAConversación #Whatsapp

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
Don’t be left behind: Discover the Gold Mine of Data and AI
Matias Chmiel (Israel)
#DataIA #BusinessTransformation #TechLeadership

16:30 – 17:10 hrs
AI: Addressing Challenges and Adopting Trends towards an Innovative and Secure Future
Alejandro Ceballos (Mexico)
Country Manager Cloudflare
#Cybersecurity #AI #Cloudflare

17:15 - 17:55 hrs
What a DXP should have to enhance the digital experience
Belmer Corrales (Colombia)
Business Manager, Liferay
José Luis Contreras (Mexico)
Business Manager, Liferay

18:00-18:40 hrs
Cybersecurity Challenges and Trends
Jorge Miranda (Mexico)
General Director Fortinet
#Cybersecurity #SecurityFabric #Fortinet

18:45 - 19:30 hrs.
How technology drives the F1 Miami Grand Prix
Ron Hecht (United States)
Mr. Formula 1 Director
#F1 #DigitalTransformation

19:30 hrs
Closing day 1 – C Level Forum IA & Digital Transformation A

14:00-14:15 hrs.
C-Level Forum AI & Digital Transformation B Opening

14:15 – 14:55 hrs
Remote access and kitchen knives
Javier Fonseca (Colombia)
CEO of Sogyo
Any Desk Partner
#RemoteAccess #Security #CloudSoftware

15:00 - 15:40 hrs
The transformative impact of digitalization and AI on SMEs in Latin America.
Felipe Ricardo Reyes Lega (Colombia)
Sr VP de Producto Siigo Latam
#PorMexicoYoSiigo #TransformacionDigital #PymesDigitalizada

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
The Future of Conversational Commerce: Transforming conversations into sales.
Léa Puteaux (France)
Director of digital projects at local SEO Partoo
#ConversationalCommerce #CustomerExperience #Artificial Intelligence

16:30 – 17:10 hrs
How to meet user experience demands: a journey towards digital transformation
Ximena Buitrago (Colombia)
Strategic Manager ManageEngine
#UX #ManageEngineLATAM #DigitalTransformation

17:15 - 17:55 hrs
Automation of tasks & daily work, the productivity revolution with monday.com
Cristián Vicencio (Mexico)
Channel Manager Monday.com
#MondayDotCom #WorkManagement #Automation

18:00 - 18:40 hrs
ServiceOps and DataOps: Transforming Collaboration and Business Value
Raúl Castillo Malaver (Colombia)
Sr. Manager Solution Engineering Vierge Group – BMC
#BMCsoftware #ServiceOPs #DataOps

18:45 - 19:25 hrs
Panel: How to take advantage of AI and other disruptive technologies in Latam industries?
Jaime Montiel (México)
VP Information Technology Mexico, DHL Supply Chain
Iván de la O (Mexico)
Corporate Director of the Credit and Data Science area, Grupo Coppel
Javier Guzmán​ González (Mexico)
VP of Digital and Technology at HEINEKEN México
Yonnatan Casir (Mexico)
CTO, Fibra Uno
#IA #IndustriasLatam #DigitalTransformation

19:30 hrs
Closing day 1 – C Level Forum IA & Digital Transformation B

  • Digital Banking & Fintech
  • C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum
  • AI&Digital Transformation A
  • AI&Digital Transformation B
  • AI,Ecommerce& Digital Marketing
8:30 am - 9:00 hrs
Accreditation & Reception.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs
Digitalization of finances.
Sergio Torres Lebrija (Mexico)
Head of Sustainability & Parternships BBVA
#DigitalTransformation #AI ​​#Financialeducation

10:00 - 10:40 am
The future of Cybersecurity with Okta
Martin Tropper (United States)
Manager – FSI Segment – North of Latam, OKTA
Peter Wiegandt (Mexico)
CEO & Founder, TEC360
Llliana De Silva ( Mexico) CEO and Co-Founder Techreo
#Cybersecurity #Authentication

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
Payment methods and nearshoring
Sergio Loredo Foyo (Mexico)
CEO and Founder AlquimiaPay
#Nearshoring #MediosDePago #Paytech

11:30 - 12:30 hrs
Panel: Neobancos: digital transformation in the banking and fintech industries
Pedro Rivas (Mexico)
General Director Mercado Pago
René Saul (Mexico)
CEO and co-founder Kapital Bank
Víctor Moya (Mexico)
General Director & Co-founder, Bineo
Italia López (Mexico)
Journalist, Bloomberg Online (moderator)
#Neobancos #Fintech #BankingIndustry

12:30 - 14:55 hrs
1 to 1 Networking

15:00 - 15:40 hrs.
Cybersecurity in banking: how to confront attacks and maintain customer trust?
Zeus López (Mexico)
CISO Banco Azteca
#CyberSecurity #CISO #ModernApps

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
The rise of Digital Banks that become “Everything Apps”
Alexander Guerra (Mexico)
Chief Revenue Officer Banco Azteca Baz APP
#DigitalBanking #EverythingApps

16:30 - 17:30 hrs
Panel: Artificial Intelligence applied to banking
Daphne Morales del Moral (Mexico)
Senior Vice President Cards & Rewards, Citibanamex
Sergio Torres Lebrija (Mexico)
Head of Sustainability & Parternships BBVA
Jorge Ulises González Medina (Mexico)
Director Data, Analytics & AI, Actinver
Alejandro Mendoza Zamora (Mexico)
Head of AdOps, Banco Azteca
#IA #BancaDigital #CustomerExperience

17:30-18:30 hrs.
1 to 1 Networking

18:40 - 19:00 hrs
Closing day 2 – Digital Banking & Fintech Forum.

12:00 hrs
Accreditation and presentation of the 5G, IoT & Telco Forum

12:00 - 12:40 hrs
The state of connectivity in Mexico 2024
Carlos Perea (Mexico)
Senior Vicepresident LATAM Cradlepoint
#DigitalTransformation #Cybersecurity #SecureNetworks

12:45 - 13:25 hrs
The evolution of telecommunications and the IoT
Gabriel Fernandez Ayala (Mexico)
Director of Innovation and IOT AT&T Business


13:30 - 14:10 hrs
Panel: The role of IoT in the industry: applications, benefits and opportunities
José Antonio Tiburcio (Mexico)
Director of Innovation, New Ventures and Small Farmers for Latin America Bayer Crop Science
Francisco Rey VP Commercial and KAM for Companies and Government, Ericsson Telecommunications
Fernando Ibarra (Mëxico) President, Alianza 4.0
Leonardo Coca (Argentina) Founder WININ (moderator)
#IOT #Industria4. 0 #IOTApplications

14:15 - 14:55 hrs
1 to 1 Networking

15:00 - 15:40 hrs
Digital Infrastructure Agenda: a comprehensive public policy proposal
José Luis Peralta Higuera (Mexico)
Digital Transformation Coordinator, IFT
#Regulation #DigitalInfrastructure

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
Satellite Internet: a relevant player in the communications industry
Daniel Losada (USA)
Vice President of International Sales Hughes
#Hughes #SatelitalInternet #ConnectivityForAll

16:30 - 17:10 hrs
5G Panel/5G Economy/Connectivity: technology challenges and opportunities for 2030
Cindy Rayo Zapata (Mexico)
ASIET Regional Director
Cesar Heyaime (Mexico)
Mobile Networks CTO for Latin America, Nokia
Ernesto Piedras (Mexico)
General Director, The Competitive Intelligence Unit
Catalina Irurita (Mexico)
Consultant, Technology and Marketing Leader (moderator)

17:15 - 17:55 hrs
Telco Challenge: sustaining income and growing in digital businesses
Leonardo Coca (Argentina)
Founder WININ

18:00-18:55 hrs
1 to 1 Networking

18:55-19:00 hrs
Closing day 2 – C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum

8:30 am - 9:00 am
Accreditation and Inauguration C-Level Forum day 2.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs
ArquiTortura: The legacy of fragility and the AI ​​Boom
Manuel Cabezas (Chile)
Finance Platforms Director Falabella
#IA #Arquitectura #Agilidad

10:00 -10:40 hrs
From the fire of Prometheus to Artificial Intelligence: the democratization of technology
Kevin José Guerrero Cartagena (Colombia)
Tech Marketing Manager Bizagi
#ArtificialIntelligence #ModernApplications #LowCodePlatforms

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
Manage “phygital” maturity in the transformation process
Gerardo Gozzi (Chile)
Head of Digital Transformation LATAM Iron Mountain
#DigitalTransformation #IronMountainLATAM

11:30 - 12:10 hrs
How a consistent data platform simplifies AI initiatives
Kenneth Navarro (México)
Partner & Alliances Technical Director Purestorage
#AI #DataStorage

12:15 - 12:55 hrs
The path to protection: using the Ivanti ASOC to identify critical vulnerabilities
Angélica Guzmán (Colombia)
Regional Sales Director Ivanti México & CCA
Daniel Jaramillo (Colombia)
Territory Manager Ivanti
Giovanni Tarazona (Colombia)
CEO, Softec Soluciones
#Vulnerabilities #Cyberattacks #ASOC

13:00 - 13:40 hrs
Innovate by creating Super Intelligent organizations.
Jahasiel Sevillaya (Mexico)
Manager of Alliances and Digital Transformation, Google Cloud
León Andrievsky (Mexico)
Director Cloud and Corporate Services , IENTC Telecommunications
#GenAI #GoogleCloud #SuperMinds

13:45 - 14:55 hrs
1 to 1 Networking

15:00 - 15:40 hrs
Digital Compliance in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities in Business Transformation
Felipe Ojeda Latorre (Latam)
Chief Strategy Officer ESTELA
#DigitalTransformation #DigitalCompliance #FacturaElectronicaLatam

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
Keys to make profitable: the digitalization of financial processes.
Luis López (Mexico)
Country Manager Okticket
#Digitalization #Automation #TravelManagement

16:30 - 17:10 hrs
Build Trust in Data for Cloud and AI. Enabling New Use Cases with Data Integrity
John de Saint Phalle (United States)
Principal Product Manager Precisely
#DataIntegrity #Precisely #DEVANT2024

17:15 - 17:55 hrs
Powered Future: AI to Improve Customer Experience and IT Service Management
Payal Patel (USA)
Senior Director Solution Engineering Freshworks
#IA #DigitalTransformation #CustomerExperience

18:00 - 18:40 hrs.
Emerging technologies to digitalize governments
(Estonia) Erika Piirmets
Digital Transformation Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Center
#E-government #e-Estonia #blockchain

18:40 - 19:30 hrs
Closing C-Level AI & Digital Transformation A, Day 2.

8:30 - 9:00 hrs
Accreditation & Reception C-Level Forum B, day 2.

9:15 - 9:55 hrs
Presentation of the study of internet habits in Mexico and perspectives of Artificial Intelligence
Itzul Girón (Mexico)
VP of Research Internet Association MX.
#Internet #AI #InternetHabits

10:00 -10:40 hrs
Conversational AI and Personalization: Creating Unique Experiences for the Customer
Santiago Coppiano (Colombia)
Sales VP SS Latam Yalo
Andrea Booth (Argentina)
Head of Marketing, Yalo
Carlos Enrique Correa Guevara (Mexico)
Chief Growth Officer, Grupo Rica
#ConversationalAI #AI #Technology

10:45 - 11:25 hrs
The resilience of cities in the era of digital transformation
James Cabe (United States)
Director of Strategic Initiatives ZPE Systems
#Resilience #IoT #DigitalTransformation

11:30 - 12:10 hrs
Consciousness is listed on the stock market (USA)
Juan Santiago CEO Santex

12:15 - 12:55 hrs.
Boosting Efficiency and Security in the Cloud Era.
Steven Carvajal (Colombia)
Channel Manager AnyDesk
#RemoteAccess #AnyDesk #RemoteSecurity

13:00 - 13:40 hrs
Customer Engagement: Strategies and trends to improve acquisition, conversion and retention
Camilo Rodríguez (Colombia)
CMO emBlue
#emBlue #CustomerEngagement #Omnicanalidad

13:45 - 14: 55 hrs
1 to 1 Networking

15:00 - 15:40 hrs
How do you harness the power of people to duplicate the success of the transformation?
Carolina González-Álcantara (Mexico)
Leader of People Consulting in Latam, EY
Juan Solana (Mexico)
Business Transformation Consulting Leader in Latam, EY
#HumansatCenter #BuildingABetterWorkingWorld #EY

15:45 - 16:25 hrs
AI Factory: Generate impact within your organization with artificial intelligence
Sebastian Lemos (Chile)
Solutions Specialist Digevo
#IA #AIFactory #Digevo

16:30 - 17:10 hrs
Simple process for digitizing documents.
Luis Rebollar (Mexico),
General Director of Grupo CEPE-Canon
#transformaciondigital #canon #digitalizacion

17:15 - 17:55 hrs
Comprehensive Management of Customer Communications and its Evolution Cycle
José Luqué (Mexico)
VP & General Manager LATAM Quadient
#ClientCommunicationsManagement #CCM #CustomerExperience

18:00 - 18:40 hrs
The evolution of artificial intelligence in different industries
Juan Carlos Ortiz de Montellano (Mexico)
CIO, Grupo Apollo
Sara Macía Martínez (Mexico)
IT Talent Manager , Robert Walters
Jesús Díaz Garaygordobil (Mexico)
CIO, Mac Hospitals
Marisela Orihuela (Mexico) President, CIO’s Latam
#EvoluciónIA #CIOS #Industry

18:45 - 19:30 hrs
Closing day 2 – C Level Forum Digital Transformation B

9:00 hrs.
Inauguration of the Presidency of the eCommerce and Digital Marketing Committee

10:00-10:40 hrs
How does artificial intelligence drive personalization, increase conversion and improve customer interaction by transforming their shopping experience?

10:45-11:25 hrs
Learn how to design your own personalized GPT Chat GPTs for the creation of creative content that allows you to optimize your ADS campaigns. Without forgetting the human touch.

11:30-12:10 hrs
How to automate digital marketing / eCommerce campaigns from acquisition, to purchase, re-purchase and loyalty?

12:15-12:55 hrs
SEO updates for 2025 and use of AI in SEO.

13:00-13:40 hrs
What is working in eMailmarketing in 2025?

13:40-14:55 hrs
Advantages and disadvantages of payment systems for eCommerce in Latin America.

15:00-15:40 hrs
Trends in campaigns on Facebook, Instragram ADS, WhatsApp Marketing.

15:45-16:25 hrs
Advanced strategies in Linkedin ADS for B2B campaigns.

16:30-17:10 hrs
The secret of B2B Branding in online advertising.

17:15-17:55 hrs
Reinventing customer relationships and management with Intelligent CRMs, Big Data and AI.

18:00-18:30 hrs
Innovations in last mile e-Logistics

18:30-19:00 hrs
How to manage logistics to sell Global?
Innovative solutions in international logistics and strategies to optimize the cross-border supply chain.

19:00-19:30 hrs
Closing AI, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Forum