• conversational ai
Conversational AI is a key element in customer relationships; learn more about Blip’s tools at Congress The conversational era has arrived hand in hand with platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, and with a significant shift in consumer behavior: people today prefer text messaging over other channels. Today, having a business profile in a
  • IA
Por Carlos Torales, vicepresidente de Cloudflare, director para América Latina Mientras en el mundo se prueba la IA y se analiza su innegable potencial, es importante estar preparados con las cuestiones de ciberseguridad a la hora de implementarla. Los líderes empresariales y los encargados de la toma de decisiones de las organizaciones actuales no pueden
  • america digital
This is how the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 was held. With 5 conference rooms with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, 20,000 m2 of Expo and networking spaces for 1-on-1 meetings, the event brought together 4,617 leading executives in innovation and digital transformation. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On June 21 and 22, the 8th America Digital Tech &
  • confianza cero
Canon Mexicana is pleased to announce its participation in the Congress of Mexico and Central America; it is an honor for Canon to participate in this outstanding event. The 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023 is recognized as one of the most important events in Latin America. It brings together industry leaders,
  • Pulsis
Learn how Pulsus’ Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution helps companies in the digital transformation process and increases business maturity. The corporate mobility has long been part of the strategies of large global companies. However, with the acceleration of the digital transformation, due to the evolution of the market itself, the new technologies began to drive
  • facturación
The companies recently joined forces to improve digital invoicing, and their new solutions will be present at the Congress. For banks, adapting to new technologies and forms of consumption is not only limited to having a website or promoting a financial services App. Technological advances allow economic sectors to evolve and adjust, more and more,
  • observabilidad
Your company’s observability will be easier with the solution that Dyntrace will present at the America Digital Congress. As digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down, the complexity of modern multicloud ecosystems continues to increase. The collection, consultation, storage and processing of data are being exploited. The observability and security markets are converging to
  • supply chain
Alibaba Cloud will present its solutions to help supply chain’s organizations to be more efficient and efective. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword; it has become a necessity for organizations to thrive. The supply chain, as a critical component of any business, plays a pivotal role in
  • plataforma
The project management platform will present at the Congress the solutions that will help your company improve and streamline its productivity.  At Asana, we believe that working collaboratively as a team is essential for business success. Our project management solutions are designed to help teams work more efficiently and productively. With this, we allow them
  • normatividad
Regulations are becoming increasingly complex to comply with, and in a changing world, digital solutions can be the answer. Learn more about Coldview at the Congress Is there any sector of the organization in which technology is not present? The answer is no. Digital transformation has become a strategic and survival axis of the corporate