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Learn how Pulsus’ Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution helps companies in the digital transformation process and increases business maturity.

The corporate mobility has long been part of the strategies of large global companies.

However, with the acceleration of the digital transformation, due to the evolution of the market itself, the new technologies began to drive business growth

Organizations began to invest in technological trends and adopt automation tools to enhance productivity and assertiveness in decision-making.

And, the expectation is that business mobility will gain increased strength.

Today, accelerating digital transformation has become a real possibility for increased revenue and strengthened corporate resilience.

Which in a market of constant changes generates clear competitive advantages for companies that need to be prepared to keep up with the growing expectations of customers.  

With the high number of people working outside the office, the use of cell phones and tablets has increased exponentially in the last decade.

encouraging companies to bet on the management of mobile devices, through an efficient EMM to assist in the scanning and digitization process.

Pulsus will participate in the Digital Transformation Forum of the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023.

In the conference The evolution of Corporate Mobility and how a management tool impacts the digital transformation of companies, Pulsus will discuss the topic in more detail.

This talk will take place on Thursday, June 22nd from 9:45 to 10:25 am.

Pulsus will have a booth, receiving visitors interested in knowing more about the only EMM solution in Latin America and one of the 10 global solutions with the Android Enterprise Recommended seal, issued by Google.

How Pulsus accelerates enterprise digital transformation

With around 1 million devices managed, serving customers around the world, in 12 countries, Pulsus is democratizing access to mobile device management, through the Journey of Mobility

The purpose is accelerating the digital transformation at companies and simplifying the management of tablets and cell phones.

Pulsus recently awarded during the Android Enterprise Global Partner Summit 2023 ceremony in London.

Also, the company was recognized by Google as the company that took the least time to earn the Android Enterprise Recommended seal.

In addition, the number of certifications – around 250 – surprised the technology giant due to its commitment to the quality it employs in its software.

With a tailor-made solution for each phase of the mobility process, the Journey provides a disruptive experience for businesses of different sizes and maturity levels.

With this, we can make access more flexible and allowing companies of any size and segment to manage mobile devices efficiently and securely.

Consisting of 6 stages, the Journey of Mobility begins with the phase of companies that demand device rollout, evolving to inventory control, complete management and security, reaching advanced features and smart analytics for decision-making.

Strategically assisting companies in operational processes, Vinícius Boemeke, CEO of Pulsus, says that his team works closely with the customer, meeting critical needs.

Companies that use mobile devices in their operations have very similar pains when they are at the same stage of the journey of mobility.

We work so that the use of cell phones and tablets enhances results and generates more value for the business.

Pulsus has technological resources and functionalities that try to avoid technical problems on the devices, but we know that unexpected situations happen.

So, we want companies to be prepared and, remotely and quickly, manage to solve their problems”.

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