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This is how the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 was held. With 5 conference rooms with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, 20,000 m2 of Expo and networking spaces for 1-on-1 meetings, the event brought together 4,617 leading executives in innovation and digital transformation.


On June 21 and 22, the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023 was held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

The event gathered 4,617 leading innovation and digital transformation executives from Mexico and Central America, who participated in 102 conferences structured in 5 specialized forums.

During two days of inspiration and networking, 2,289 1-on-1 business meetings were set up in the networking areas of the venue and through the event’s app, one of the most innovative in the congress industry.

The event generated an economic impact of US$100 million dollars in the digital economy of Mexico and Central America.

We share with you the executive summary and the best moments of what happened during the on-site and digital event.

During two incredible days of networking, inspiration, technology, business and trends, we were able to connect with the leaders of global and regional companies, who shared their experiences and ideas.

america digital
Photo 1: World Trade Center Centro Exposiciones, venue for America Digital Mexico 2023

The America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 returned to its face-to-face format in Mexico City with complete success.

The 20,000 m2 of the third floor of the World Trade Center was the perfect scenario to connect face to face with +100 exhibitors, +100 conferences and 1-on-1 meetings with the main Latin American companies’ representatives.

America Digital Congress Opening

America Digital
Photo 2: With more than 700 people at the opening speech, the Congress kicked off on the morning of June 21.

The Congress began on June 21 with the presentation of the event by Chilean journalist Fresia Soltof, who welcomed America Digital’s general director, Lesley Robles.

In presenting the event, the director general recalled that pandemic opened up new opportunities and pushed the boundaries to transform the region with new technologies.

“The digital gap is in your head, because today the technologies are available. How do we generate a cultural change that embraces innovation, technologies and digital transformation? Understanding this allowed us to adapt quickly, modify our business model and stay competitive,” said Robles.

Furthermore, the director assured that, after the technological maelstrom that was created with the lockdown, there is a change in the economy, in business and in companies.

“We are living in times of risks of different levels of financial, technological and socio-political uncertainties. Finding technologies and strategic partners is crucial in these times that require fast adaptation, and that is precisely what you will find at the America Digital Congress,” he continued.

america digital
Photo 3 : Lesley Robles, Director America Digital, highlighted the magnitude of the Mexican market for technology providers and the opportunity it represents for Mexican industries to embrace innovation and digital transformation by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Subsequently, Robles presented the structure of the Congress with its 5 specialized forums:

Over two days, 4,617 executives from Mexico, Central America and Southern Cone countries participated in more than 2,000 one-on-one business meetings with specific business objectives.

The attendees were also able to tour the show floor, were able to meet with experts from Oracle, Axur, Okta, Adobe, Jumio, Xius, Cloudflare, Incode, Alldatum, Eutelsat, Kushki, Zoho, Whatsapp, Alibaba Cloud, Iproov, KIO, Hootusuite, Meta, Asana, MetaMap, Pulsus, Simetrik, Telesign, Veeam, Xerox, Canon and 100 other disruptive companies in the region.

International Seminar

This year, Chilean CNN journalist, Fresia Soltof was in charge of presenting the three keynotes of the International Seminar.

The program began with a keynote by Nirav Sheth, Vice President of Americas at OKTA, who spoke about the importance and power of identity management as a tool in the digital transformation of enterprises.

america digital
Photo 4: Nirav Seth opened the International Seminar program on the first day of the Congress.

Sergio Torres, Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability Head – Digital Banking at BBVA Mexico, gave the second conference of the program, in which he explained the context of transformation that banking is undergoing in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

america digital
Photo 5: In his conference, Sergio Torres presented the adaptation processes implemented by banks to face the constant changes in the sector.

The program ended with a conference by Alejandro Preinfalk, President & CEO of Siemens Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, about accelerating the digital transformation towards the industrial metaverse and in which he explained the applications of the most recent technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence.

america digital
Photo 6: The attendees were interested in learning about the applications of the metaverse in the industries explained by Alejandro Preinfalk, from Siemens, in his keynote.

At the conclusion of the conferences, Fresia Soltof thanked the attendees for their participation in the first part of day 1 of the Congress, and invited the attendees to participate in the 4 specialized forums, where the speakers inspired and showed success stories of digital transformation, as well as the implementation of new technologies and process optimization, which have given added value to companies.

C-Level Forum Digital Transformation

In response to the interest of companies to present solutions that accelerate digital transformation in companies, the Congress had two halls of the C-Level Forum Digital Transformation with simultaneous conferences during the two days.

Lucero Álvarez, journalist and news anchor in Mexico, presented the Digital Transformation Forum A, with the participation of the companies Verbio, Asana, Cyolo, Meta, Dynatrace and Oracle, as well as representatives of the CIO’s Latam association.

america digital
Photo 7: Businesses stay better connected with customers thanks to the tools presented by Hector Siller, Meta’s Client Partner Business Messaging, during his conference Digital Disruption: Transforming Business with WhatsApp Business.
america digital
Photo 8: Néstor Antonio Zapata, Partner Cloud Evangelist at Dynatrace, discussed the importance of determining the steps to design a maturity plan in companies, including Development, Operations and Business teams.
america digital
Photo 9: Juan Carlos Ortiz de Montellano, CIO at Grupo Apollo; Sara Macía, IT Talent Manager at Robert Walters; Rafael Pimentel Pinto, CIO at MVS Capital; and Jorge Peralta, CIO, Lotería Nacional, participated in the panel about the challenges CIOs face during the digital transformation of companies.

Via Ovando, journalist and anchor, was responsible for presenting the conferences in Hall B of the Digital Transformation Forum, which included the participation of Adobe, Alibaba Cloud, Grupo Scanda, Silent4Business, Canon and the cobranding IvantiSoftec.

america digital
Photo 10: Antonio Perches, Document Cloud Solution Consultant, presented Adobe’s innovations using artificial intelligence, one of the most sought-after tools at the Congress.
america digital
Photo 11: Industries experienced drastic changes during pandemic, and now have the opportunity to take advantage of technological innovations to improve and streamline their supply chains, said Brian Zhong, Senior Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud.
america digital
Photo 12: Bibiana Rico, Chief Operating Officer of Softec Soluciones, presented the conference Secure Digital Transformation: Privacy, Security and Digital Employee Experience (DEX) as a WHOLE.

On day two of the Congress, 10 conferences were held simultaneously in the two halls of the forum, where speakers analyzed trends in digital transformation: artificial intelligence, biometrics, digital identity, connectivity, social networks, internet consumer habits and sustainability.

Photo 14: Patrick Patron Kastner, Former Director of Innovation and Digital Projects at El Palacio de Hierro and Ramón Martínez, CEO of HIRxLAB, participated in the panel Perspectives of business leaders on the digital transformation roadmap of industries.

C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

With the energy that the participants already had at the event, Fresia Soltof, journalist of CNN, presented the conferences of the C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum during the two days of the Congress.

The first day featured presentations by Axur, Fiserv, Telesign and GlobalLogic, who addressed cybersecurity as one of the most relevant issues for the banking sector at the currently time.

As companies implement new technological tools, they face more and more risks from different fronts, so it is necessary to have the appropriate information to face these risks.

The day ended with a panel of successful women in Fintech world, who spoke about the role that these companies play in the banking sector today, the complement they have had with traditional banking and the regulatory challenges in Mexico and Latin America.

Federica Gregorini, General Manager Mexico at Belvo; Yazareth Sánchez, Legal Compliance Manager at Baz Superapp and member of Latinas in Tech MX; and Natalia Montaño, Public Policy Lead at Ualá, analyzed the situation of fintech in Latin America after the boom of the market.

Day 2 of the Digital Banking & Fintech Forum featured a diverse program on financial topics and speakers from Mexico and other Latin American countries, who shared their experiences with WTC attendees and the audience that followed the forum through the digital platform.

Throughout the day, the following companies participated in the conferences: Banco Azteca, MetaMap, Jumio, Glia, Zoho, Kushki, Regum Capital, Incode, Simetrik y Oracle.

This second day also addressed the topic of cybersecurity in the banking sector, as well as the use of new tools such as artificial intelligence and the importance of digital identity.

In addition, speakers talked about the customer experience in the banking industry, new forms of payment, trading platforms and the management of accounting and tax issues in companies, which are extremely relevant for the financial control of any organization.

The journey ended with a panel about the reinvention of traditional banking with the digital transformation that has taken place in recent years, without losing the human side that customers are looking for. Participated directors of innovation of the main banks in Mexico and the region participated, and analyzed.

Photo 18: Daniel López, Director of Digital Banking and ATMs at Banregio; Mario Piazzesi, Head of Innovation at Invex Banco; Sergio Torres Lebrija, Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability Head -Digital Banking at BBVA Mexico; and Miguel Lavalle, Digital Banking Product Development Head at Citi participated in the last panel of the event.

Expo Conferences

The Expo Conference forum was led by Luciana Wainer, journalist and anchor of several radio and television news programs in Mexico.

The following companies participated in this first day: Bizagi, Merlin Data, Coderio, ACF Technologies, Harness, iProov and Olimpia IT.

All of them presented innovative solutions for the implementation of digital transformation and strategies in different areas and sectors.

Topics discussed on the conferences included the implementation of the digital transformation and the changes that have taken place three years after the pandemic, as well as the correct management of data and the efficient use of the cloud.

The speakers also talked about the management of remote work teams, successful customer service in banking, the importance of digital identity, and the use of different tools, such as artificial intelligence.

On day two, the companies that participated in the Conferences Expo forum were: Xertica, Veeam Mexico, Sprinklr, ManageEngine, STID, Xius, Appian, Experis, Eutelsat, Kio, SOTI and Multiplica.

One of the most interesting topics was the use of satellites to improve business connectivity in the region, followed by two conferences on the use of artificial intelligence to improve processes.

The speakers also talked about cybersecurity and digital identity, which is perhaps one of the biggest concerns that companies and service providers have.

In addition, the topics of personalized experiences, the use of the cloud, enterprise mobility and talent development were addressed, as well as the need to train companies to create internal skills that will allow them to face the wave of digital transformation.

C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum

This specialized forum was held on the afternoon of June 22 and was presented by Via Ovando, journalist and anchor.

Participants addressed different topics related to the implementation of the 5G network and the use of existing infrastructure in Mexico, the implementation of connectivity and cybersecurity in the industry, as well as the role of advertising in the telco sector.

The companies present at the forum were Telefónica, British Telecom, GE, Grupo Verzatec, Grupo Industrial Saltillo, Total Play, The CIU, the Inter-American Association of Telecommunications Companies (ASIET) and the Mexican government’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones).


The America Digital Congress welcomed its nearly five thousand guests with a state-of-the-art set-up on the third floor of the Word Trade Center in Mexico City, after several years of digital format.

The America Digital team took care of every detail in the set-up and production of the 20,000 m2 of the event, both on the exhibition floor and in the specialized forum rooms and networking areas, in order to fulfill the objective of our event: to connect decision makers in the region.

During two days, our customers showed their solutions in an innovative space, while attendees were provided with comfortable spaces and state-of-the-art technology, which allowed them to enjoy all the activities we had at the Congress.

More than 100 brands were at the WTC for two days presenting their products and launching their new solutions for companies in Mexico and Central America: ERM, Adobe, Data IQ, CR Nova, Soiant-Infobip, Dagpacket, Octapus, Globalsign, Hillstone Networks, Partoo, Inntech-Yubico, MDR, Nubarium, Oracle, Rindegastos, Stayinfront, TCG Process, Xerox, Zextras, among others.

1 to 1 meetings

In this edition of the America Digital Congress Mexico, 2,289 one-on-one business meetings were held at the WTC. Through our digital application, attendees were able to schedule their meetings and connect with C-Levels and representatives of the most important companies in Mexico and Central America.

The economic impact of these meetings is US$ 100 million in the digital economy of Mexico and Central America, thanks to the business conducted during these days with the Congress attendees.

Media coverage

At the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023, America Digital News TV exclusively recorded interviews with the speakers who participated in the program and broadcasted them live to its 80,000 subscribers in Latin America.

Photo 27: America’s Digital News channel broadcasted live from a stage set up inside the expo.
Photo 28: The press point within the Congress was the meeting spot for attendees, speakers and exhibitors, who shared interviews and testimonials with our presenter.

In addition to the traditional channels, this year the event was broadcast in real time on social networks, reaching more than 40,000 digital users, who were able to follow live coverage of the event.

Photo 29: Linkedin is America Digital’s main communication network.
Photo 30: A massive diffusion of the event was also made on Facebook.
Photo 31: The inauguration of the Congress, as well as some of the conferences of the event, were broadcasted on Youtube.

Además, contamos con la presencia de 12 medios de comunicación, quienes dieron cobertura a las conferencias que dieron nuestros patrocinadores e invitados, y entrevistaron a nuestro director general durante el evento.

Closing Party

At the end, we all enjoyed the closing party of the 8th Technology and Business Congress America Digital Mexico 2023, with which we concluded the event.

Lesley Robles gave the closing speech and thanked the sponsors, speakers, attendees and the America Digital team for making possible the on-site event in Mexico and having a digital twin so that people could participate in the Congress remotely from anywhere in the world.

America Digital will continue working to connect C-Levels and the most innovative brands in Latin America and the world in its events. Participate in the 8th Latin American Congress Technology and Business America Digital 2023, which will be held on November 15-16, 2023 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida.

Participate as a Sponsor / Exhibitor / Speaker and/or delegation in either of the two Congresses next year. More information at https://us.america-digital.com and https://congreso.america-digital.com/. Request a 30-minute meeting with a corporate account here. There are only 20 new slots for new companies and reservations must be made before July 31, 2023!

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