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Regulations are becoming increasingly complex to comply with, and in a changing world, digital solutions can be the answer. Learn more about Coldview at the Congress

Is there any sector of the organization in which technology is not present? The answer is no.

Digital transformation has become a strategic and survival axis of the corporate business model.

The incorporation and adoption of technology in all areas of companies has evolved.

Not only altering the way in which it operates, but also in how it adds value to its internal and external customers.

In the last 5 years, in Mexico and globally, the complexity of the business and regulatory environment has increased dramatically.

According to the study “Perspectives of senior management in Mexico 2020”, regulatory changes are the main threat perceived by 63% of the more than a thousand decision makers consulted.

Businesses face rapid growth and far-reaching changes in regulations.

As well as the requirements of the stakeholders, which forces them to support performance objectives, increase value and protect the brand.

Based on Coldview ECM, which guarantees the availability of information to each person in the organization in a timely manner, precisely because of the relevance of document management within the company.

Our solutions will be presented at booth B34 on the exhibition floor of the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023.

You will also be able to hear more about them at the conference Digital transformation, the key to ensure regulatory compliance and fiscal integrity, which will be given by Ana María Cuello, Country Manager of Coldview Mexico.

Corporate challenges and the growing role of regulations

In this context, risk management, regulatory compliance and cost reduction remain the primary focus of organizations where regulations acquire a transversal nature.

Corporate governance, reputation, consumer protection (with the rise of regulations on the protection of personal data), fraud prevention and the transparency of information and reports, among others, also acquire a special role.

Without going so far back in time, in Mexico, the 2022 Tax Reform has generated a strong impact on corporate processes, putting fiscal integrity at the center of efforts.

There, electronic accounting and the issuance of digital tax receipts has been a reality for almost a decade.

For this reason, technology is a fundamental factor in the relationship between authorities and taxpayers.

Currently, the tax authorities already have and continue to develop electronic systems that allow them to monitor compliance with the payment of contributions.

For this reason, companies need to validate and guarantee that the Income and Deductions reported by the authority are supported by current digital tax receipts.

How the approach to regulatory compliance from technology should be?

So, to ensure regulatory compliance, it is no longer enough to rely on electronic Invoicing and Accounting solutions, but must be addressed holistically.

One way to do this is through the implementation of an ECM (Enterprise Content Management).

It is a tool that allows you to store, access and manage large volumes of information within an organization, ensuring access in a practical, fast and above all safe way.

From Coldview, with more than 50 years of experience, we help organizations enhance the value of their information with our Coldview ECM platform.

This tool allows management according to the needs and the new compliance requirements, since it helps to:

● Manage the information life cycle, according to the retention period, based on internal provisions and external regulations.

● Promote collaboration within the organization, through the centralization and accessibility of information for all authorized users.

● Increase productivity through practical, fast and secure access to information, gaining efficiency thanks to the way it encrypts and compresses information.

● Automate information management processes working in real time regardless of its origin or format.

● Improve customer service times through the classification of key data that allows obtaining a complete vision of the client.

In this context, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool becomes a key piece to achieve compliance with standards, laws, resolutions or certifications beyond the process or business.

In this way, it is possible to detect risks early and protect the company from sanctions that may be associated with this “non-compliance”.

An ECM as the basis for a solid compliance in Mexico

Before addressing the specific case of Mexico, it is necessary to delve into the characteristics that make the ECM platform allow the development of a solid compliance strategy:

● Your unified repository for information availability.

● Graphic display of the level of compliance with filters of geographical area, process or the documentation itself. Establishing validity periods or expirations and alerts according to business rules.

● The approval flows of the information to be received, safeguarded or issued for delivery to official entities.

● Integration with official systems for automatic sending of reports or validation of documents issued or received by suppliers.

● External access to information and through different channels to collaborators, suppliers and clients.

At Coldview, aware of this challenge in the Mexican market, we have worked on the development of multiple tax solutions.

Based on Coldview ECM, which guarantees the availability of information for each person in the organization in a timely manner, precisely because of the relevance that document management takes on within the company.

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