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STid readers will be present at the Congress and you will be able to learn how they work. Visit the stand.

By Susana Gallegos, Regional Sales Director Latam

The community of technology experts in Mexico is excited about the 8° America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023, event that will take place on 21 and 22 June 2023 at WTC in Mexico City.

STid, a recognized pioneer of radical changes in the electronic components industry, could not miss the opportunity to actively participate in this unique forum of international innovators.

The company will pave the way in the revolution of corporate identification and non-proprietary security.

Additionally, they will show how their technological advances can interact with systems infinitely to unify the intelligence of large chains and corporations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see STid in action. Susana Gallegos, Regional Sales Director Latam at STid will present  Panel 5 Criteria for encrypting and virtualizing your corporate identity without co-dependence

Besides, you can visit their booth B28 on the floor exhibition, where you can finde their solutions about corporate identification.

STid manufactures hands-free intelligent RFID electronic components, with their open protocols they are capable of materializing interconnectivity between devices.

Their mission for the upcoming congress is to set in motion the imagination of the attendees with their numerous integration possibilities.

Thanks to their STid Mobile ID App and BT/NFC technology as a transmission medium, mobile phones are transformed into virtual credentials for all types of secure corporate identification.

Including pedestrian and vehicular access, PLCs, vending machines, printers, electronic wallets, lockers, asset control, IoT devices, among others.

Their “electronic wallet” concept massively simplifies the employee credentialing process in companies, eliminating the co-dependence of RFID plastic cards whose encryption is unknown to the owners.

This will be the central point of STid’s talk, which openly challenges the acceptance of the typical encoding process, the high costs of printing, transportation, and administration that still impact large international companies even in 2023.

While in the past, due to a lack of alternatives, companies had no choice (reader OEMs advantageously normalized owning critical security information).

Nowadays,  critical infrastructure & physical security specialists, IT people, buyers, and C-level executives must question why they would continue to collaborate with companies that do not allow them to diversify their identification process, secretly generate their own encryption keys, allow easy access to their API/SDK for integrations to  finally sync up all company technologies in the same App.

For more information, contact us at info.latam@stid.com

Visit STid booth and participate in Susana Gallegos’ talk during the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023. Buy your tickets here

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