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The digital world is constantly changing, and the only way not to become extinct is to adapt to new trends. At the Congress, Bizagi will explain how to do it.

Whether it’s to improve collaboration, customer service, or productivity; for large companies, modern enterprise application development has become critical to their continued progress and to keep pace with their competitors.

But many of the customers we talk to face a common problem: they need help delivering new applications at a speed and scale never seen before.

Bizagi will participate in the Expo Conferences program of the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress, Mexico 2023, on June 21 and 22 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

From his experience, Kevin Guerrero, Global Technical Marketing Manager at Bizagi, will address some of today’s most important challenges and provide strategies and recommendations that will allow organizations to quickly adapt to the changing market.

This problem is multi-faceted. On the one hand, it is clear that there are not enough developers to satisfy all business requirements, and there are difficulties in recruiting top technology talent. In addition, because of the market dynamics, it is impossible to continue managing slow development cycles completely isolated. 

And finally, how consumers acquire and relate to products and services has changed radically, adding an additional level of understanding that must be considered. 

This is where important trends such as cloud, low-code platforms, citizen developer initiatives, fusion teams, intelligent orchestration of external systems, and modern application development become so important.

Integration to the digital world

Under this scenario, it is vital to understand their benefits, how they can be used, and how to take full advantage of them and prevent your company from failing and becoming extinct in this digital world.

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Bizagi offers a cloud-native “Low-Code” automation platform. Through the platform, it is possible to create modern apps powered by process.

The main features of Bizagi’s “low-code” platform are as follows:

  • Comprehensive
    • Build apps for processes across the enterprise.
    • Create process-centric, data-centric and mobile-centric apps.
    • Personalize interfaces for different personas.
  • Intuitive
    • Easy to use interface for any level of programming skill.
    • 100% visual 7-step Wizard for Citizen Developers.
    • Expert view for Professional Developers.
  • Powerful
    • 130+ Pre-Built Connectors and Integrations or create your own.
    • Cloud-native providing global access and built-in reliability.
    • Create contextualized experiences using Bizagi Apps.
  • Unifying
    • Bring together business and IT in fusion teams.
    • Common platform for requirements and innovation.
    • Orchestrate your systems, people, bots and data.

Don’t miss Bizagi’s conference at the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 on June 21st and 22nd. Buy your tickets here.

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