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Today, customers expect the brands they consume to provide hyper-personalization in customer service. embBlue will present how to achieve this at the Congress.

emBlue, Latin America’s leading Customer Engagement platform, recently announced the implementation of AI and machine learning solutions

With this solution, company wants to power its promise to help companies create more relevant and personal digital conversations with their customers.

The company will present this solution at booth D18 on the exhibition floor of the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress, Mexico 2023.

In addition, Daniel Soldan, CEO of emBlue, will present the conference Hyper-personalization in eCommerce and its relationship with AI at the C-Level Forum Digital Transformation.

There he will explain how AI and machine learning today contribute to segmentation, nurturing, personalization and automation of communication with our customers in order to strengthen ties with them and achieve more lasting relationships.

“Faced with a global context of a slowdown in consumption, the challenge for companies in 2023, is to combat this contraction or even continue to grow.  The secret is to strengthen relationships with their customers. Knowing much more about them, being one step ahead and offering them what they expect from each brand, with increasingly personalized messages and at the right time.”

Daniel Soldán, CEO of emBlue.

Hyper-personalization , how to achieve it?

62% of consumers expect the companies they buy from to recognize them as individuals and know their interests.

This requires creating unique and hyper-personalization experiences. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a Customer Engagement platform such as emBlue, which contributes to reaching more knowledge of customers.

One of the functionalities that integrate AI and machine learning in emBlue in its platform is applied in customer segmentation, called “Dynamic Segments”.  

This tool uses AI algorithms to analyze customer behavioral data, such as past purchases, online searches, and website navigation, to determine patterns and trends.

It then uses these patterns to predict which products and services are most likely to interest a particular customer, increasing the likelihood of customer conversion and loyalty.

Although it may still seem futuristic, Artificial Intelligence is already with us and the possibilities for applications to optimize the way things are done in industries are endless.

Daniel Soldan will present this and other functionalities that will allow you to be at the forefront and create relationships that strengthen your business.


emBlue today has omnichannel CRM solutions, automation, dynamic database segmentation, business intelligence, and customer experience (NPS). It has already managed over 15 billion conversations through Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Whatsapp, and Pop-Ups. https://www.embluemail.com/

Visit booth D18 and attend the emBlue conference at the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 this June 21st and 22nd. Buy your tickets here

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