Daniel Soldan (USA), Co Founder & CEO emBlue /

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Daniel Soldan self defines as a builder,  a specialist in Internet business development and SaaS platforms. He is the CEO and Co-founded emBlue in 2013, the most used customer engagement platform in Latam.

He is a member of the Entrepreneur Organization and was president of the Capitulo de Argentina during 2021 and 2022.

Also, Daniel Soldan is part of directory leaders of the Venture Capital Company and Blue Sheep Angels, through which he supports startups in the region by investing capital and experience.


Hyper-personalization in eCommerce and its relationship with AI

AI plays a key role in hyper-personalization, as it can process vast amounts of customer data and use machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns and trends in purchasing behavior. This allows companies to carry out specific marketing campaigns for each customer, with highly relevant and personalized product recommendations, based on the purchase history and their preferences and interests, which increases the probability of conversion and customer loyalty.

In this conference we will share how the emBlue platform can enhance your eCommerce and how to relate to your customers.