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Novacomp is a leading company with over 25 years of experience providing technological solutions and workforce, with offices in the United States, Costa Rica, and over 20 countries in Latin America.

We offer bilingual professionals with higher education and high performance, with savings of up to 60% in the investment of having internal work teams.

We form highly trained teams in different programming languages and technologies that meet the needs of digital transformation.

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Clinical trials with tech

Our work team adds value to our clients in a highly efficient and professional manner.

Our client is a global technology company for clinical trials with over 10 years of experience dedicated to supporting complex studies for life-saving therapies.

They have conducted over 1000 clinical trials in oncology, rare diseases, and the central nervous system, providing support in 80 countries.

Their mission is to help their clients develop medical innovations that sustain patients’ lives.

The challenge

Due to its rapid expansion, the company needed to increase its capacity to develop more personalized solutions for its clients and increase the production of clinical trials while ensuring excellent customer service and support quality.

These clinical trials are research studies that test a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention in people.

These trials are the primary way researchers determine if a new form of treatment or prevention, such as a new drug, diet, or medical device (e.g., pacemaker), is safe and effective in people.



The company offers its own patented platform based on three systems:

  1. eConsent: a web-based control center.
  2. IRT (Interactive Response Technology): a clinical trial supply management and randomization system.
  3. eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment): a tool for integrations and generation of customized reports based on high-quality data.

Novacomp has provided a team of experienced developers committed to our client’s DNA of excellence and delivery.

They have been developing solutions and integrations for the IRT systems and eCOA platforms.

Their roles

• Provide their expertise in developing large-scale, multi-tier web applications in C#, SQL Server, and Angular. 

• Develop reliable, maintainable, and efficient software systems with emphasis on patient safety and integrity of clinical study data. 

• Support the implementation of IRT systems in all environments, completing all required documentation. 

• Identify and develop best practices, design patterns, and reusable code.

Benefits of working with the Novacomp team:

The client was able to form technical teams that provide solutions for:

• Development on a low-code/no-code platform that allows standardization, making the process more flexible and enabling innovations to streamline and facilitate the configuration of clinical trials. 

• A more flexible platform enables a seamless digital experience for patients, facilitating their registration of information and data required for the trial. 

• Achieve efficient implementation by generating agile translation management in electronic workflows and complying with corresponding regulations. 

• Ensure data integrity by providing predefined and ad hoc reports that provide real-time visibility. 

• Development of new custom notifications. The client successfully implemented their first Clinical Trial in Tokyo (new Market Development).

Proof points

• Increase in clinical trials: from 25 in 2021 to 95 in 2022. 

• Increase in data point transfers by over 30%, reducing workload.

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