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The U.S.-based company will present demos of its solution for the retail industry.

StayinFront will be attending the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress, Mexico 2023!

You can come visit booth C28 on exhibit floor to meet our retail experts and discuss how your company can drive measurable growth with StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform (ROP).

Also you see why 7 of the top 10 consumer goods companies see StayinFront as a core component of their Digital Transformation Journey.

Our Retail Experts, Sam Barclay, Chief Growth Officer, Pablo Rio Rivera, Commercial Director and Ken Arbadji, VP of sales will help you discover how you can Know More, Do More and Sell More in every store visit!

5 Steps to Accelerate Retail Optimization Growth with StayinFront

Let’s face it, during the pandemic the main challenge for consumer goods companies was around the supply chain.

Stocking shelves was more about producing and delivering products and simplifying product variety, packaging and delivery.

The pandemic was followed by inflation where the focus was enhancing revenue (price increases and shrinking packages) to keep up with rapidly increasing costs including salary, transportation and materials.

During this period, as many publicly traded companies reported results, sales gains were made possible first by pandemic-induced demand followed by price increases.

How can your sales and account teams leverage agile retail execution solutions to outperform your competitors and accelerate growth in this environment?

In five achievable steps, StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) enables CPG commercial teams to address these challenges, maximize their retail investment, and accelerate sales growth:

1. Daily Identification – Using retailer POS data, StayinFront ROP provides an overview of stores with the highest lost sales from retail execution issues.

2. Automated for Action – Automated alerts are sent to account and field teams (3rd party or direct) with details of the issue, lost sales value, and a suggested Next Best Action.

3. First to the Field – With Dynamic Routing, field resources are directed to the stores with the highest lost sales value at the earliest opportunity.

4. Measuring the Impact – Corrective actions are taken in-store. The results of a sales uplift will calculate the return on investment (ROI) and impact of field activities.

5. Solutions that Sell More – Equip sales reps with up-sell capabilities. AI-powered digital image recognition, augmented reality, personalized sales pitches, and content enabling reps to proactively sell incremental business are just some of the innovative features proudly offered with StayinFront ROP.

The StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) delivers an AI-powered retail execution solution, including Alerting, Smart Routing, and Digital Image Recognition capabilities. Our customers benefit from optimized retail execution performance that changes the retailer partnership and accelerates sales growth.

Connect with our retail optimization experts to get a more in-depth understanding of our solutions, our personalized approach, our consistent success with CPG customers, and how you can leverage these capabilities in your organization.

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