Visibility and security of information must be guaranteed at all times, especially in the cloud. Learn more about the solution.

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation will be present at 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023, and will share a conference focused on CIEM and the importance of visibility in cloud environments.

Migration to the cloud goes beyond the use of cloud storage spaces or backup and backup copies. To ensure greater safety it is essential to obtain full visibility.

When you have an on-premises infrastructure, all the equipment and networks are managed by IT engineers, who know all the highways through which the data travels and define the perimeter that protects from anomalous traffic coming from the Internet.

By moving to the cloud, we lose visibility of what existed: the perimeter is diluted and with it the security layers that had been built in the considered ‘safe’ corporate space. It is essential to recover visibility to ensure greater protection of information.

This and more will be available at booth 36C on the exhibition floor of the Congress, as well as in the conference entitled CIEM, gaining visibility and control in the cloud, which will be given by Wilson Calderón, Regional Technical Specialist of the company during the Expo Conference program.


Defense against attack

This is how the concept of CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) appears, born from the need to manage identities and access privileges in dynamic, hybrid and multi-cloud clouds.

CIEM (not to be confused with SIEM -Security Information and Event Management-) uses the principle of least privileged access to the infrastructure, to defend the cloud infrastructure against attacks, users who abuse their privileges and excessive permissions (in case they have given).

Controlling user access is a task that is carried out through CIEM. It is defined which user, what they must enter, for how long and of course detect inactive and orphan accounts to avoid risk exposure.

Public clouds like AWS, Azure and GCP adapt to ICES technology to ensure access and management rights.

With CIEM it is possible to classify the risks at the level of user access and configuration errors in the cloud. With CIEM you can identify and analyze each movement in order to mitigate the abuse of privileges.

Anomalous activities (significant changes to complex cloud infrastructures) or permission errors can be detected by leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities in CIEM solutions.

Many regulations require extensive audits of the entire cloud environment. With a CIEM tool it is possible to audit all the records of what happens in the cloud infrastructure and generate evidence of all the movements that have occurred.

In general terms, CIEM solutions avoid different risks thanks to all the information they collect from movements in the cloud.

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