Weimar Gutierrez (Colombia), Technical Account Manager, Manage Engine /

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Weimar Gutierrez is a Mechatronic Engineer with a Master’s degree in Information Security, he has more than 7 years of experience in technological infrastructure and Cloud Computing. He has Certifications in AWS Cloud Pratitioner and Azure Data Fundamentals and a diplomat as Community Manager. He has worked as an infrastructure coordinator in different private, financial and educational organizations. He is a university professor in areas related to Cloud technologies and has participated in different cloud migration, Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense projects.Joins the ManageEngine team in 2022 as Technical Account Manager for LATAM


 CIEM, gaining visibility and control in the cloud.

Cloud allows you to quickly enable infrastructure and services to guarantee the company operation and to be more competitive. However, the use of this technology rely on having multi-cloud environments that in turn require different configurations to provide access to users. All of the above implies great risks which can be mitigated by applying CIEM to analyze and detect possible risks or abuse of privileges with the help of AI and ML.