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RindeGastos will be present at the 8°Congreso America Digital 2023, and its CEO will speak about the importance of democratization throughout the region.

In the last 3 years, both small and large companies have found themselves in need to accelerate the digital transformation process and seek new alternatives to optimize work, time and resources.

It is in this same scenario, where B2B technologies have become an essential ally to facilitate operations of all kinds, despite the circumstances and the new digital environment.

In Mexico, investing in SaaS companies (software as a service) has also become a priority.

By 2023, just over 25% of companies will include cloud applications as part of their main IT initiatives, according to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Linked to the optimization of processes and costs for companies, Rindegastos was born in 2015, a startup that seeks to completely digitize and automate everything related to expense reports, funds to pay, petty cash and others in a simple, fast and effective way.

Today, with almost 8 years in the market and more than 3,500 clients, they have expanded throughout Latam, reaching clients in 15 countries and with operational offices in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile.

Rindegastos seeks to alleviate the workload of different areas in manual expense reports: a cumbersome process that takes hours, which does not add value to the business objective.

The platform works from a mobile phone in its app version or from a computer, integrating directly with the ERP or accounting management software so that the information travels without having to do it manually.

Alfonso Cuadra, CEO of Rindegastos, will participate in the Expo Conference program of the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023.

More than 5,000 B2B leaders of transformation in Latin America will participate in the event, which will present technological solutions that help companies optimize their production, management and sales processes, as well as the implementation of digital transformation.

transformación digital

Why talk about democratization?

Thinking from small businesses to large corporations, Rindegastos is a transversal solution that has plans at a fair price, which can be accessed from 3 to more than 1,000 users, with the possibility of customizing expense policies and obtaining different tools so that each company can adapt the platform to its own needs.

One of the main characteristics of Rindegastos, is that it adapts to the tax regulations of each country, thus being integrated with the SII in Chile, the Sunat in Peru, the SAT in Mexico and in Colombia with the Dian.

These integrations allow companies to have peace of mind in terms of security, compliance with the law, and backup of data and information for accounting processes, and in case of audits, both internal and external.

“What sets us apart from other platforms is our level of service and adaptability. We are 100% focused on this solution and therefore we also understand that the expense policies and, therefore, the needs of each organization are different. Rindegastos, through a personalized configuration, adapts to the specific needs of each company”.

Alfonso Cuadra.

The objective is that all types of business in Latin America can access the platform, thus massifying the digitization of processes that many continue to carry out manually to this day. 9 out of 10 companies carry out their expense reports process with templates in Excel and by saving physical receipts.

“We dream of democratizing the digital transformation and taking Rindegastos to all corners of Latam, helping companies not only save on costs and time, but also take care of the environment, contributing to the future of all and minimizing the use of paper. ”.

Alfonso Cuadra

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