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Companies are continuously looking for innovative solutions to improve the customer experience.

Freshworks will be presented at the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023, as one of the best platforms available to serve customers quickly and efficiently. 

At booth C-31 on the exhibition floor of the Congress you will be able to meet Freshworks to see their solutions in action in a personalized way.

You will also learn first-hand how their products can improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses based on their needs.

The main challenge: winning over customers 

A customer’s perception of the service they receive directly affects their reasons for purchasing a product/service for the first time, buying it again, recommending it and maintaining a long-term relationship with the companies. 

This experience can be caused by multiple situations, from the tone of messages on the website and the ease of purchasing, to the quality of the conversations with a customer service agent or chatbot. 

Companies must ensure that throughout the customer lifecycle they have the necessary elements in place to analyze and interpret users’ needs and obtain information on how to satisfy them, resulting in customer loyalty. 

experiencia del cliente

Technology at the service of business and customer experience

Freshworks offers a variety of cloud-based tools to help companies improve their customer experience.

More than 50,000 companies worldwide rely on it to exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Its platforms include intuitive, easy-to-use software solutions to enhance the user experience, support all stages of the customer lifecycle, and manage sales and marketing activities in the most efficient way. 

Technology has been key to their success in the industry.

Automations, integrations and seamless, instant help desk support through multiple communication channels, including messaging systems, chats, email, phone calls, social media and AI bots, are used to deliver customer satisfaction. 

Attend the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 and visit the Freshworks booth, where you can learn about the different solutions that will help your business. Buy your tickets here

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