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During its participation in the Congress, ACF will present Customer Science, the new tool with which it seeks to transform the user experience.

Since its founding, ACF Technologies’ mission has been to support all industries in improving their  customers’ experiences. We know that their experiences are the main objective when it comes to  improving business, especially when they revolve around constantly changing technologies. 

We have seen how customer interaction with companies has evolved, from the management of queues through kiosks, to online appointments and, more recently, through the possibility of video calls; an  innovation that the financial and health industries have taken advantage of to boost customer and patient  satisfaction. 

In the financial sector, clients such as Banco Industrial and Davivienda provide prime examples of how our  solutions help improve the CX, especially the case of Davivienda Honduras, which the winner of the “Best  Use of Digital Solutions for Performance Management” in the 9th Annual #LatamDigital Awards. Thanks to  the implementation of our Assistant Anywhere solution, the company managed to keep its customers  connected without putting them at risk of exposure to COVID-19, protecting both the customer and the  employees’ health.

Thinking about this we realized that we have solutions for each of the stages of the digital transformation of different industries, but the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023 is about technological innovation, so we decided that the best thing to do was to share with you everything we have related to the current trending topic: Artificial Intelligence, specifically how to apply it to improve the customer experience.

Our Chief Business Development Officer for Latin America, José Miguel Munarriz, will talk in his presentation Customer Science, the customer at the core: The key to the banking of the future, about Customer Science and how the correct use of data can help to achieve better decision making based on facts and generate an impact on the return on investment by improving the overall customer experience.

 “Data is and enabler of future strategies and  immediate changes, thanks to the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science”, says José Miguel.

One of the greatest experiences we have had in this area is the implementation of our solutions to help the  National Health Service in the United Kingdom with the monumental task of vaccinating the entire  population of the British Isle. Our solutions helped schedule more than 100 million appointments in record  time, healthcare staff understand the needs of citizens, and facilitated appointment scheduling to reduce  the risk of becoming exposed to the virus when going to any of the diagnostic or vaccination centers. 

If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of Customer Science and read more about our  solutions, come to our Keynote and look for us during the expo where Jose will be giving a speech detailing  how much of a meaningful change AI can be for the overall enhancement of the Customer Experience.

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