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The company reaches the market in Mexico and Latin America with a solution to take full advantage of SAP

Pyramid Analytics confirmed its participation in the 8th Digital Mexico 2023 American Congress, where it will be demonstrating for the first time its own proprietary software for a unified business analytics, data science, and data preparation platform.

“At the event presentation, attendees will see how to leverage their current ERP systems with augmented analytics and boost analysis with artificial intelligence”, explained Miguel Reyes, Country Manager of Pyramid Analytics for Spain and Mexico, and added “no company expecting to grow should be left behind in the new world of big data, AI and business analytics.”

SAP’s ERP software has a huge market presence in Mexico, with more than 9,800 customers. In fact, according to SAP’s research, 77% of worldwide transactions are performed by an SAP system. The company is betting on SAP S/4HANA to keep enabling their customers to record data and increase the data volume stored in data warehouses.

Many organizations face challenges when trying to generate analytics with ERP data, external data sources, or unstructured data; in addition, ERP are not usually designed for self-service, and employees need complex technical skills to create queries and deliver critical reports.

This type of scenario often causes companies to spend huge amounts of money hiring expensive talent and getting multiple tools to try to perform basic tasks in SAP such as data analysis and deliver data insight.

Companies that choose to use business intelligence tools face tool-specific constraints caused by:

  • The need to move SAP data to third-party tools for analysis
  • The need to replicate business logic from SAP to other applications, in order to calculate results
  • The requirement to pre-process and pre-prepare data to create dashboards
  • The fact that most BI tools are not able to process large volumes of data.

It is in this key aspect (data analysis) where Pyramid Analytics and SAP complement each other, since Pyramid Analytics’ approach is to deliver enterprise-augmented analytics capabilities combining ERP data with external data sources, thus creating complex analyses using always-online information.

Pyramid Analytics enables the concept of “decision intelligence”, an innovative approach to deliver organizations in Mexico unprecedented capabilities for augmented analytics and the software tools to understand the business in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive ways. This process takes place by directly querying without data moving across platforms, having proprietary certified connectors for SAP, Snowflake, Google Big Query, Amazon S3, Oracle, and others, whilst adding prebuilt AI algorithms.


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Gartner, a global market research firm, acknowledged Pyramid Analytics as the #1 software for augmented analytics among all other existing technologies in the world in its 2022 Critical Capabilities report.

Pyramid Analytics recognizes the relevance of the Latin American market, with Mexico and Brazil being the most important countries because of their constant economic development and demand for cutting-edge technology.  

Pyramid Analytics has a guide called SAP + Decision Intelligence, which examines the current technology landscape for organizations using SAP and identifies key technologies that could support companies’ success in the years ahead

Be sure to visit booth 44C on the exhibition floor of the 8°Congreso America Digital Mexico 2023 and get to know the Pyramid Analytics solution coming to Mexico. Buy your tickets here

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