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Security threats to companies are increasingly complex and unknown, so it is important to have a solution such as iProov’s.

The world is digitizing at an incredible pace, and traditional authentication methods, such as one-time passcodes, are failing to keep organizations secure.

As fraud technologies and methodologies grow in sophistication and scale, facial biometric verification has emerged as one of the most secure and convenient methods for organizations to verify user identity online.  

Yet not all facial biometric technologies are equal in the level of security, resilience, or adaptability to novel threats.

To be effective and provide the expected level of identity assurance, solutions must be resilient to the ever-evolving threat landscape and utilize threat intelligence.

iProov’s recent Biometric Threat Intelligence Report analyzed threats to in-production biometric technology during the course of 2022 found that digital injection attacks occurred five times more frequently than persistent presentation attacks across web browser verifications.

Iproov will present the results of its study and solutions to the new security demands at the 8th America Digital Tech & Business Congress Mexico 2023.

The brand will present the conference If you are not doing a proper identity investigation, you are allowing fraud!, by Daniel Molina, Vice President, LATAM, iProov.

You will also be able to visit booth B9 on the exhibition floor, where you can learn more about their solutions to ensure the security of companies.

What is the difference between digital injection and presentation attacks?

Presentation attacks involve presenting an artifact – such as a printed photo or deepfake video on a screen – to a cell phone or computer.

Presentation attacks have a long history and are generally well-understood. They are difficult to present at scale, since artifacts must be created for each individual attack.

Digital injection attacks, however, are sophisticated, highly scalable, and repeatable cyberattacks that bypass the camera on a device or are injected directly into a data stream.

This scalability of these attacks drives the higher frequency and danger to governments and financial institutions.

Many biometric solutions are not equipped to defend against these threats. Security needs to be resilient and adaptive.

Secure Biometric Solutions

Given the ever-transformative nature of generative AI, and the scalability of digital injection attacks, biometric security must be actively monitored and managed 24/7. 

Having full visibility of threat development is crucial because once attack tools or methodologies are successful they are quickly shared either on the dark web or within Crime-as-a-Service networks and scale very quickly. 

The iProov Security Operations Center (iSOC) is the industry’s-first global biometric threat intelligence and active threat management system.

iSOC continually monitors traffic in real-time to detect attack patterns across multiple geographies, devices, and platforms and keeps iProov biometric systems one step ahead of the evolving threat landscape for all customers across the globe. 

Why the Cloud is Critical 

Security systems also need to be able to implement fixes quickly in order to outpace threat actors and maintain ongoing protection and that’s where cloud-based technology comes in:

– Verification happens in the cloud rather than on the device so device compromise does not leads to unauthorized identity verification. 

– The cloud powers iSOC, meaning iProov monitors and analyzes attacks on our systems in real time providing full visibility over the execution environment. 

– Updates can be rolled out quickly: iProov’s cloud-based SDK deployment platform enables updates in response to certain threats are done server-side rather than devices being updated manually making it much harder for attackers. 

– There is no risk of update delay causing a vulnerability in the system while you wait for millions of endpoints to update to the latest version of an app.  

This proactive protection also provides for much greater inclusivity, since users are not the defining factor in your protection strategy.

– There is no requirement to employ additional resource

iProov One-Time Biometrics For Real-Time Authenticity 

Sophisticated threats like deepfakes often successfully emulate a person verifying themselves, which many liveness technologies cannot spot.

Advanced verification methods are needed to secure against advanced threat types. 

With iProov, the user’s device screen illuminates their face with an unpredictable sequence of colors, which acts as a one-time biometric.

The reflections of that screen light from the user’s face are analyzed using advanced AI algorithms.

The unique way that the light reflects and interacts with the face tells us whether it is a real-life, three-dimensional live human or not.

Once used, the color sequence can’t be replayed to spoof the system and it’s worthless if stolen because the sequence is unique and obsolete as soon as it’s used. 

As threats continue to evolve at pace it’s essential to understand the threat landscape and make decisions based on real-world, in-production intelligence.

iProov delivers its iSOC, cloud-based verification, and one-time biometric technology to provide safe and secure digital identity verification to the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

To find out more visit www.iproov.com

Attend the 8th America Digital Congress Mexico 2023 and learn about iProov’s solutions at their conference and booth. Buy your tickets here

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