Meetings from October 21- 27 2017 will be held in Las Vegas, USA with global Fintech leaders impacting Latin American Fintech Industries; banking, insurances and financial services.

Directive and Organizer Committee of the 4th America Digital Congress & Digital Banking Forum, which allows to influence, impact, generate leads and do business with more than 5,000 C-level executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs) and decision-makers from Banks, Insurance, Financial Service Providers, Regulators and Fintech Ecosystem of Latin America seeking how to deploy digital transformation to optimize their processes and innovate in their business models, will be holding meetings from October 21 – 27 , 2017 with global Fintech providers and experts in Las Vegas USA, to unlock the over US$ 100 billion digital transformation Fintech Latin American Market.

“Latin America is a region of the world with several opportunities in Fintech Innovation, Blockchain, eCommerce, Mobile Payments, Digital Payments, Digital Banking and Financial Services Inclusion through innovation in business models, and with an urgent need to improve productivity through the orchestration between traditional institutions and innovative fintech companies changing the game rules delivering better services to final customers. Fintech innovations, new standards and the utilization of Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, IOT, Mobile Technologies, Digital payments, can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, change financial business models and create service revenue streams that were previously unforeseen for Fintech, Insurance and banking industries” says Lesley Robles, Director America Digital Congress

The meetings that America Digital´s Directive will hold in Las Vegas, USA with global Fintech providers, leaders and experts in Fintech Innovation and Digital Banking with a track record of success cases will help to catalyze the incorporation of Innovative Digital solutions in Latin American Banks, Insurance companies and financial services institutions through their participations in the 4th America Digital Congress & Digital Banking Forum impacting + 5,000 decision makers.

America Digital is working along with Fintech Global Companies and industry stakeholders to strengthen the presence of innovative world class fintech solutions in the 4th America Digital Congress. Participating in America Digital Congress, allows Fintech companies to accelerate their business in Latin America by connecting them during the congress with C-level executives from large corporations, telcos, banks, insurance companies and the latin american fintech ecosystem.

America Digital´s directive will hold strategic meetings in Las Vegas, USA from October 21 -27th with companies wishing to join the 4th America Digital Congress & Latam Digital Banking Forums; Mckinsey, Deloitte, E&Y, Paypal, Verifone, Visa, Mastercard, BBVA, Santander Bank, Citibank, Cognizant, Gemalto, Experian, Alibaba, Paysafe, First Data, Kony, Capgemini, SAS, Splunk, Infosys, Equifax. During the tour to Las Vegas, USA, America Digital´s Directive will also participate in Money 2020.

America Digital´s Directive and Organizer Committee as part of its global tour was present from October 2nd – 6th in Brazil with key meetings with the Brazilian government, Brazil IT and main global companies based in Sao Paulo; then during the month of November, America Digital will launch the Congress in Mexico along with VPs and the Chilean embassy in Mexico. Furthermore the global tour will come to Spain from February 26th till 2nd of March 2018 with its participation in the Mobile World Congress and from April 2-6 2018 in Argentina.

Fintech Companies and Financial Organizations wishing to join the over 200 tech companies already participating as Sponsors, Exhibitors and / or Trade Missions in the 4th America Digital Congress & Digital Banking Forum can request a meeting with the America Digital´s Directive with: T: + 56 222042034

Download Participation opportunities (Sponsorships click hereExhibitors click here, Trade Missions).

Note: There are only 25 Sponsorships and/or Exhibitors positions available for new companies willing to participate at the 4th Digital America Congress 2018.

Companies wishing to participate must reserve before December 30th, 2017, subject to availability at the moment of reservation.