Zeus Lopez (México), CISO- Seguridad en Transformación Digital Banco Azteca /

Happy family man. Computer Systems Engineer, Graduated from the Higher School of Computing of the National Polytechnic Institute, has 20 years of experience in the IT area. In its beginnings it was dedicated to the programming and architecture of critical operating systems in J2EE and biometric authentication. Changing role to Computer Security as Ethical Hacker, Security Lab Manager, Incident Team Leader and Security Architect. His career has worked in companies such as Accenture, IDS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microfocus, Cylance and Grupo Salinas, having responsibilities in Mexico and Latin America.

He has worked for various sectors such as banking, housing, commerce, government, telecommunications, energy, media, insurance, call centers, mining. He is currently responsible for security in digital transformation and digital ecosystems at Banco Azteca and Director of cybersecurity at Baz SuperApp. Trained under pressure on critical business applications. Forged under fire in security (attacks, defacements, fraud, audits, etc). Provincial by birth (Formation) and city dweller at heart (Reformation).


Cybersecurity allied to customers and business requirements

Cybersecurity is no longer seen only as regulatory compliance or a “commodity” in business, it is seen as an ally and a competitive advantage that represents better customer service and, above all, trust. Where the role of the CISO must be transversal between areas and positions, to raise awareness, coordinate and achieve an organization with an organic security mentality.