Sergio Torres Lebrija (Mexico), Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability Head – Digital Banking BBVA México /

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He has a degree in Business Administration from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), with a specialty in IPADE. Expert in digital solutions and promoter of innovation in Mexican banking. He is currently in charge of strategy, innovation and sustainability at BBVA Mexico, developing various disruptive initiatives in digital banking. He is in charge of connecting and collaborating with various companies to develop solutions through partnerships.

Also to coordinate the sustainability strategy in BBVA Mexico. Previously, he was in the direction of Government Cash Management, promoting the BBVA initiative “For a Digital Government”® where he worked closely with the federal government, 32 states and municipalities to guide them towards a digital government. He has extensive experience with more than 25 years in various digitization initiatives, Cash Management, Supply Chain Management, collaborating with Corporates, companies and Institutions, which has allowed him to develop innovative solutions to boost the financial market in Mexico.


After Digital Transformation, What’s Next?

At BBVA Mexico we undertook our digital transformation 8 years ago, what did we do? what did we learn?, where are we now? and what next? financial health, sustainability, digital payment methods, artificial intelligence, alliances and hyper-personalized products are some of the disruptive waves that are impacting the financial sector. The challenge continues and it is necessary to ask ourselves the right questions to continue innovating

Panel: Reinventing banking in times of automation with humanization