Rodolfo Rigante (Mexico), CIO L’Oréal Latinoamérica /

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Rodolfo Rigante, CIO of L’Oréal Latin America, has over 25 years of experience in the technology world, leading innovative projects in various industries throughout the Americas.

His passion for business transformation, teamwork, and people is evident in every step of his career. Rodolfo has proven to be an exceptional strategist, successfully designing and executing transformation strategies that have driven growth and success in the Americas region. His ability to lead complex projects and align high-level stakeholders, as well as multifunctional teams, is widely recognized. But what truly sets Rodolfo apart is his people-centered approach. He has been able to develop high-performing teams distributed geographically, achieving extraordinary results in challenging projects.

The close relationships he maintains with his stakeholders and his commitment to delivering superior experiences are characteristics deeply ingrained in his professional DNA. Rodolfo is a visionary leader who has made an indelible mark in the technology world and continues to drive innovation in L’Oréal Latin America.


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