John de Saint Phalle (EEUU), Principal Product Manager | Precisely, Devant /

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John de Saint Phalle is part of Precisely’s Product Management team, focusing on Data Replication solutions. Specializing in legacy systems and IBM Infrastructure, John helps enterprises integrate disparate data technologies with modern cloud systems in real-time. He works with organizations across industry and around the world to develop real-time data strategies, helping them build new revenue-driving applications and methods of customer engagement to grow faster and achieve more.


Building Trust in Data for Cloud & AI: Enabling New Use Cases with Data Integrity

  • In a recent survey, 77% of data professionals identified data-driven decision-making as the primary objective of their data programs, but less than half (46%) trust the data for decision-making.Precisely’s Data Integrity Suite provides access to reliable data at the speed your business requires, with 7 interoperable modules: Integration, Observability, Governance, and Data Quality, Geocoding, Spatial Analysis, and Data Enrichment. Together, these services form a strong foundation of data integrity that accelerates your journey towards data reliability and provides the security you need for agile decision-making.