James Cabe (USA), Director of Strategic Initiatives ZPE Systems /

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Born in Oakridge, TN (The Secret City), James Cabe spent the early years of his career in Cambridge MA working for BBN Planet (Autonomous System 1 on the internet). Then setting course for New York and private network security consulting for legal firms, commodities trading networks, and large global retail.After a move to Houston, TX he began a career in Oil and Gas operations in deep water and international consulting made up the better part of the next decade. Then finally having a lot of fun working for cyber security companies as a Subject Matter Expert, Evangelist, and Leader for mega-corporation security architecture, encryption, authentication, and next generation security.


“Resilience for Cities in the Era of Digital Transformation” or “Disaster Recovery Is Not Enough”

Digital Transformation both in our business and even critical infrastructure has left our society and cultures more brittle and vulnerable to attack than ever before. Network effects of technology and automation have only increased the effect as we now learn that attacks and breakages in real time. How can we turn this around? We are going to discuss how a city or business can actually fight through these modern issues and disasters. Go over a prescriptive plan with concrete actionable things people should and could be doing today without purchasing new technology, and even lay out a future plan and roadmap where we are not finding ourselves in this kind of predicament again.





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