Devie Mohan (London, UK), Top 10 Global Fintech Influencer /

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Devie is the founder and CEO of Burnmark, a fintech research company based in London. She is the author of “The Financial Services Guide to Fintech” published by Kogan Page and is considered a top 10 global fintech influencer by magazines and newspapers like the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, CityAM and El Pais.


Collaboration: The Key Trend in the Fintech Sector

In the conference, I will present brand new research on the Latin American fintech market in 2024 and beyond, where collaboration has been identified as a key trend in the industry. We will know an analysis of past, current and predicted trends of technologies in Latin America, covering aspects of embedded finance, digital micro-lending, AI and payments automation. We will also be able to look at the possibilities of wider collaboration in the Latin American fintech ecosystem, where collaboration models can exist between fintechs, banks, regulators, developers and academic institutions.