Camilo Rodríguez (Colombia), CMO emBlue /

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  • Economist with experience in developing strategies for SaaS companies in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success (Growth).

Main areas of expertise include: Customer Acquisition, Retention and Monetization, Data Analysis, Team Development, Budget Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Consultative Sales (B2B).

Special knowledge in: SaaS Business Development, Account Based Marketing, Product Led Growth, Sales Led Growth, Hyper Sales Growth, SaaS Sales Method.

He has helped companies achieve Product Market Fit, improve their results, and launch successful products.


  • Customer Engagement: Strategies and Trends to Improve Acquisition,
    Conversion, and Retention

Data: Integration of data from multiple platforms to optimize acquisition, improve consideration, and increase purchases. Utilizes First Party Data and microtargeting to understand customer needs, sending personalized messages and relevant offers.

Automations: Setting up automated workflows to send personalized messages, using machine learning and dynamic segments for hyper-personalized campaigns.

Omnichannel: Creating campaigns across multiple channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp) to maintain seamless communication, maximizing retention and loyalty.

These pillars address common issues and offer practical solutions to create an efficient ecosystem and improve customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.