Thiago Bordini (Brazil), Head of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence at Axur /
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  • hiago Bordini, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Axur, is an executive with more than 20 years of experience in the cyber intelligence market, working with the analysis and prevention of cyber threats and fraud and disseminating educational content on the subject to professionals and companies. Technical coordinator and postgraduate professor at IDESP. Speaker at several national and international events such as YSTS, EkoParty, H2HC, CIAB, Security BSides, SANS, and CoronaCon, among others. 
  • Member of the HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association). 

    Member of the Security BSides Sao Paulo/Brazil organization.


  • The LATAM Deep Web. How LATAM fraud groups work on Telegram and WhatsApp.

  • Given the lenient legislation and cyber investigative difficulties, Whatsapp and Telegram are already part of the region’s largest network for fraud-related and other illicit activities.
    Today it is possible to make purchases of all kinds of confidential information or fraudulent “goods and services” daily.
    This talk presents a strategic analysis of the main illicit actions mapped, payment methods used and the amount involved, among other issues. From the technical point of view, the counterintelligence techniques adopted during the study phase, the effectiveness of each of them, as well as technical indicators such as VPN providers used and cloud providers, among other aspects, will be presented.
    The result includes an extensive analysis carried out through counterintelligence techniques, where it was possible to map the main OPsec methods used by the attackers, which operating systems they used, providers, and geographical regions, among other information that will be presented during the conference.