Renzo Casapía (Mexico), Head of Latin America, Coursera /



Renzo Casapía has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of San Agustin in Peru and holds an MBA from HEC University of Montreal, Canada.   He currently leads the Coursera Enterprise business in Latin America 

Renzo has held several leadership roles in North America, the Caribbean and Latin America for global organizations such as Citigroup, IBM, National Geographic Learning and Cengage. His passion and career have been in the intersection of Technology and education for the last 20 years.  

Renzo is a regular contributor to Forbes and teaches Business Transformation and Data Analytics en el Hult Business School in Boston y en EADA Barcelona.

Renzo is also a board member at Inroads, an international nonprofit organization that provides leadership opportunities to students from visible minorities in Mexico. Renzo is Canadian and Peruvian, is happily married with two daughters, enjoys languages, traveling and mountain biking.


Data-Driven Innovation

In this conference Renzo Casapia covers the impact of data in the economy and the economy.  Through hands on cases, participants will be able to understand the role of data in transformation and how leading companies are leveraging data to retain and gain clients.   

Participants will learn about the basics of data science and disruptive technologies such as machine learning and link them to generation of actionable insights and new ways to relate to their clients.