Monica Salaris (Argentina), Financial Services Business Manager, Oracle. /



I started my career as a development consultant at Accenture for the financial industry.

I decided to join the Bank where I developed for 20 years in first level Institutions such as BBVA Argentina, Banco Hipotecario Argentino. One of my biggest challenges was being part of the team that put together the Automated Banking management where it used as its objective to implement the Bank’s first digital channels. Along this path, I strengthen my Technical, Business, Leadership and Strategy skills. It was an honor for me when I was invited to be part of Oracle, a company in which I have currently worked for more than 5 years. With this change, I managed to incorporate commercial and innovation skills.

Mil Current Role is LATAM Lead Business Architect for the Financial vertical. I have the opportunity to accompany institutions on their way to digital transformation, modernizing their architecture and strategy according to their needs.


Web 3 & The Invisible Bank

We will talk about 2022 Trends in the so-called Web 3 (NFT – Defi – Metaverse) – what is coming in the evolution of the Web? What are the market trends and how is this technology being exploited? Invisible Banking Concept – What is the Invisible Bank? How it can help the development of companies and people