Maite Muniz Telleria (México), Co-Founder Truora. /

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Maite is Co-Founder and CPO at Truora, a YC startup that simplifies user interactions across digital channels.

In her role, she is responsible for product strategy, research & development and managing customer relationships globally.

Maite studied Economics at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, (ITAM). Afterwards she jumped from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company to the startup world, convinced that technology allows to even the playing field of equality and gender.

She currently supports the ecosystem as an angel investor primarily of women-lead teams.

Further detail in case it’s helpfull: 

  • Maite has been responsible for designing and launching Truora’s products from the start. Her knowledge of the non-banked LaTam ecosystemed helped her start defining Truora’s first products as the user problems were clear to her. (Non banked people in Mexico had harder access to tecnology services as they couldn’t be validated with credit bureaus) 
  • Maite has been responsible for growing Truora’s product team (today we have 12 product managers) and managing our biggest accounts globaly 
  • When we first launched our Whatsapp Onboarding product, she led the expansion strategy and co-built the initial solutions with many of our clients

  • WhatsApp: The way to revolutionize user onboarding for fintechs, retailers, and proptechs 

    One of businesses biggest challenges today is user drop off rates. Providing users with a good experience is key to company growth. So why is it so hard? 

    Truora’s– a leading latin american startup specialized in user interactions and authentication–  co-founder Maite Muniz, will guide you through how fintechs, retailers, marketplaces, proptechs and many other industries have faced this challenge. Based on real experience and providing insights she will talk about revolutionizing technologies for solving user acquisition.