Francisco Robayo (Ecuador), Head of Engineering Latin America, Cyber Security Evangelist, Office of the CTO Check Point /

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Cybersecurity expert, with more than 14 years of experience in the sector and more than 20 years in IT. He has been linked to Check Point for 9 years. He has held different positions in the region.

Currently, he is the Engineering leader for Latin America and the Caribbean. In charge of Check Point’s Engineering strategy, he leads a team of more than 40 professionals. He is a Systems Engineer from the Polytechnic School of the Army of Ecuador where he obtained an excellence scholarship. Specialized in the “Florida International University –College Business” and with “Certificate in Cybersecurity Leadership and Strategy”.

Francisco was a university professor.


Why are our security problems getting worse and what should we do about it?

Despite significant year-over-year growth in cybersecurity investment and increases in overall security awareness, it seems our problems are getting worse: ransomware, phishing, supply chain attacks, compromised clouds. At the same time, most security teams are overwhelmed by the rate of change and the volume of events they must manage. In this session, you’ll learn how Zero Trust approaches, combined with better tools and security intelligence, can help you deliver better results for our users.