Héctor Torres Cuéllar (Mexico), Director of Infrastructure and Security SEIDOR Mexico /

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He studied Communications and Electronics Engineering at ESIME Culhuacán (IPN). He was responsible for the infrastructure of INTEL Servers for BANCOMER. Founder of SYCNET in 2000. Provider of infrastructure and services to various companies and institutions in the country, both in the public, private and academic sectors. Partner and integrator of various manufacturers such as HPE, HP Inc, Symantec, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Vmware, EMC, Darktrace, Sophos, AWS, DELL, among others.

He was Architecture Director of Grupo THEOS to provide IT solutions mainly to the public sector. He is currently Director of the Infrastructure and Security Business Unit of Seidor Mexico and has within his functions the Digital Transformation from the IT point of view in Seidor Mexico and its clients.


“The Importance of the Cloud in the Digital Transformation of Companies as the Future of Mexican Business”

The cycles of economic change, linked to those of technological innovation, will keep the companies in a process of change for the next 15 years. This moment, in which: a) People, processes and culture from the organizational point of view and b) Infrastructure, business applications, information used and security from the technological point of view are related, we name it “Digital Transformation” .

Its scope and agility can be analyzed from various points of view, one of the most important catalytic vehicles being the efficient and extensive use of “The Cloud”. It is important to be sensitive to the identification of the point of the path of adoption towards the cloud in which Mexican companies are in order to speed up their participation in local and global markets, as efficient competitors and to be able to offer products and/or services, at the same time. that a cohesive, innovative organization with the capacity to continue evolving in the near future is achieved.