Gilberto Vicente (Mexico), Product Marketing Manager CyberSecurity, Identity & Compliance at Microsoft /

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Gilberto Vicente is a Communications and Electronics Engineer with specialties in Cybersecurity and Logistics, with more than 20 years of experience in the Cybersecurity Industry. Throughout his career he has performed functions in Engineering, Consulting, Business Development, Strategic Marketing and Sales for leading companies in the industry such as Google, Cisco, Fortinet and McAfee to name a few. He currently leads the product division of the Security, Compliance, Identity and Administration portfolio at Microsoft Mexico.


Cybersecurity as digital empowerment

Unlike previous years, today we can argue that organizations of all sizes and sectors recognize the value of Digitization in order to be competitive and meet internal needs and those of the market they serve. In this dynamic, Cyber ​​Security has become an extremely important pillar to support the operation and Digitization efforts of organizations, although despite this they continue to ask themselves: How can I select the appropriate provider and technology? Can I protect my operation with the best cost-benefit ratio? How do I justify the investment with so many budget pressures? How do I take advantage of the Cloud?, etc, etc.

In this session we will talk about the relevance of the Cyber ​​Security market, its evolution mainly leveraged by new operating and business models that have accelerated technological adoption in organizations and practical recommendations on how to take advantage of the business opportunity that this represents with Microsoft support.