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Gerardo has more than 20 years of experience in the Technology industry, mainly in consulting and sales sectors, always with a 100% focus on the client, holding various positions in companies focused on leading software solutions in the Information Technology industry.

Today he works as Product Account Manager for Digital Service and Operations Management solutions in Latin America for BMC Software, a leading IT management services company with more than 40 years in the market, where he focuses on supporting his clients with technological solutions that allow them to face digital transformation in an agile way, aligned with business requirements, focused on improving the user experience, thus being a trusted advisor.

Before BMC, Gerardo has worked at Microsoft & CA Technologies (Broadcom).


ServiceOps: Complexity and innovation struggle to coexist

The world is moving toward a more customer-centric model. With the emergence of devices and technologies available to the end user, the ability to quickly innovate and maintain complex infrastructures is under fire. Established processes that maintain governance, compliance, and security struggle to keep up with fast-paced, innovative processes such as DevOps. This creates different processes that operate in parallel, which threatens businesses’ ability to meet market demands and remain competitive.

Therefore, IT organizations must implement new operational structures, metrics, and IT investments to make this new paradigm work. Furthermore, the rapid pace of innovation cannot be sustained if the complexity behind it is not addressed.

BMC ServiceOps uses our world-class service and operations management capabilities to provide the big picture, supporting traditional IT and broadening the perspective of DevOps teams which reduces uncertainty and risk. 

ServiceOps allows us to break down resistance to change by providing robustness, resilience and responsiveness, all with a high degree of automation which ensures minimal additional