Gerardo Bonilla (México), Chief Revenue Officer Dock /

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Entrepreneur and businessman focused on financial inclusion. Always championed by TECHNOLOGY as the main differentiator of financial solutions.

Today he is President of Business at Dock Latam, Dock is one of the technology leaders for payment methods and banking as a service in Latin America. The company adds value, innovation and scalability to its clients’ businesses by bringing card issuance, digital banking and purchasing together on a single comprehensive platform.


As a service and the digital era

Today we are experiencing new technologies and one of them is SaaS, Acquiring as a Service allows franchisors, direct selling players or distributors to enter this complex market in a simple way: through a white- label platform with all the regulations and back office structure necessary to operate in the sector.

In this conference we will share the Dock technology, together with all the services and licenses necessary for its operation in a business model.