Fernando Deniard (Argentina), CEO Merlin Data Quality /

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Fernando Deniard is passionate about data, innovation and business. Account with more than two decades of experience in the world of data quality.

He is the founder and current CEO of Merlin Data Quality, a company of Argentine origin with presence in six Latin American countries. With digital transformation and the advancement of Big Data, Fernando found the opportunity to help companies achieve the maximum potential and value of your data, considered the most valued strategic asset of the last decade.

Fernando is the creator of several companies in Argentina. Its beginnings were marked for software development, an interest that led him, guided by his innovative spirit, to design Merlin Data Quality, a comprehensive solution for standardization, validation, enrichment and deduplication of large volumes of data in real time. From his place in the industry, he is an authoritative voice in data assurance. quality, corporate data governance, related technologies and solutions.


Data Quality, the power to turn data into profitable business. 

Data Quality is a data dimension that has become highly relevant with the Big Data era and digital transformation.

Latin America presents an uneven picture in terms of data quality. Few of those responsible for this issue have the knowledge and tools to intervene in the design of a successful data quality policy.

We understand that data can add value when it is complete, complete, truthful and current; only then can it become a true strategic input for any organization.

In our long journey and experience in the field, we have shared knowledge, techniques and tools with colleagues in the industry and professionals linked to the world of data. In his conference, Fernando Deniard presents a current and future panorama of data quality, and provides some accurate advice to boost the value that quality data has in organizations.