David Archundia Velázquez (Mexico), Sales & Solutions Engineer LATAM BlueVoyant /


Experience and Leadership in Technology, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure for more than 18 years from Technical and Commercial areas such as Support, Strategic Technological Alliances, Product, Architecture, Presales, Price/Cost Analysis and Marketing. This vast experience has allowed him to guide, direct and influence clients in making decisions regarding cutting-edge solutions as a managed service.


“Information and Access, in whose hands is it?”

A couple of decades ago we experienced the beginning of the “Digital Transformation” where the concept of Cloud was born, and thus we met Iaas, Paas and SaaS, which were disruptive in our operational and economic model. There were many fears, doubts and distrust in using this type of Cloud services. However, over the years it became a trend that was consolidated and has begun to polarize the other extreme, seeing On Premise as a decline and deficiency of scalability, elasticity and security.

In this conference María and David will tell us more about these differences, myths and beliefs, we will finally know who is in control.