Daniel Ortiz (México), Head of Business Development Latin America, Clearsale. /

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Over the years, Daniel has developed successful international management experience in sales, new business development, key account management, territory oversight, customer relationship building and customer satisfaction in B2B start-up and business environments. matrix. He has been recognized as a leading business driver, technology evangelist and change agent with the ability to adapt to rapidly changing industry trends and support new product launches in growth-oriented business sectors.

Passionate about helping businesses fight some of the biggest challenges facing the world: fraud, cybercrime, identity theft, corruption, money laundering, economic sanctions, and terrorist financing.


Protect your business through KYC

Currently thousands of new users continue to integrate online shopping, for businesses this is double news, positive because the participation of a new market grows exponentially which translates into more sales, but there is also the other side of currency, how to identify new buyers from fraudsters? KYC is one of the best practices a merchant can have to prevent fraud from the start. Identifying and verifying a customer’s identity with a series of authentication controls allows you to provide a better customer experience, protect your business from loss, and stop fraudsters.