Alfred Pepping (EEUU), Head of Latam, Routefusion /

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Alfred is Head of LatAm at Routefusion, a cross-border payments platform enabling product expansion around the globe.  Alfred is a true payments industry veteran, working with leading corporations, like Mastercard and Citigroup, and many fintechs in Latin America. He started out as part of a small team setting up offices and business for Mastercard across LatAm. Later, he led the introduction of new products and services, including the region’s first co-branded, affinity, online debit, secured, and prepaid card programs. Over the past decade, Alfred’s been helping many fintechs across the Americas with their product development and go-to-market efforts, including and Boom, the first mobile-based remittance solution.


Cross-border payments: enablers or barriers?

Costs and fees related to financial transactions can erode most businesses’ operating margins. Traditional financial and banking institutions could quickly become the biggest beneficiaries of your company’s hard work. Similarly, making international payments and transfers may, in many cases, become an invisible barrier keeping you from expanding your business into new markets.

In this session, we will explore how the business revolution fueled by disruptive technology companies is effectively tearing down barriers and opening new horizons to many companies, while also delivering financial benefits to the day-to-day operations and bottom lines.