Adrian Vattuone (Canadá), Latam Cloudflare, Solution Engineer /

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With over 25 years of experience in networking infrastructure and cloud security, Adrian Vattuoneis part of the Network and Security solutions presales team for Cloudflare LATAM.  His international experience across the Americas includes roles at Telecom Argentina, Bell Canada and NTT. His focus is on Zero Trust and DDoS solutions and when he is not leading the Cloudflare LATAM Under Attack engagements you will find him architecting Cloud Networking and Security solutions for clients and partners.


DDoS attacks trends in 2021 and how to strengthen your network resiliency 

2021 was an exceptionally busy year for attackers. From some of the largest volumetric DDoS attacks launched by historically large swarms of botnets, to massive ransomware and ransom DDoS attack campaigns that interrupted aspects of critical infrastructure around the world, DDoS was the focal point of network security for many organizations.

As attackers continue to evolve their techniques and get more brazen with their attacks, how can organizations protect their network infrastructure to stay online with minimal to no impact on their business and operations?