March 29, 2023

At Serban Group we help to meaningfully solve the challenges for the entire IT architecture surrounding virtualization and the hybrid world of digital work environments, both in access to corporate applications, such as security, digital identity, and infrastructure. With more than 20 years of experience as leaders in the IT sector, we have a presence in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

In today’s cloud-based and digital world, every business performs only as well as its IT infrastructure.

At Serban Group, we are specialists in supporting organizations to be more agile in the ideal construction of their IT areas, from the data center to the application, to be flexible and adaptable to guarantee the continuity and security of their information, promote enterprise mobility and empower users to use the applications that make business work.



IT services and IT consulting

Size of the company

51-200 employees


Madrid, Madrid




Technological consultation, virtualization, computer products and services, solutions for entities, biometrics, transformation of the workplace, cloud services, mobility, consulting, digitized signature, biometric signature, technology for teleworking and digital transformation.