April 19, 2023

Innova Games is a company dedicated to the import and wholesale distribution of technological items. 

Together, with Haxly, we developed the division of innovation in technological accessories for cell phones and wearables. We distribute in Mexico the SmartFilm Hydrogel category, an efficient screen protection system, seeking that all accessory and phone stores can offer screen protectors for all models and devices, preventing them from having to deal with stock shortages or obsolescence.

 Our solution is based on a cutting plotter: Wibo, and a catalog of various hydrogel products. The Wibo cutting plotter has more than 8000 models and 300 brands of devices loaded, constantly updated after the launch of new models by the main brands in the sector. Thus, Haxly Smart Film allows stores to protect and customize devices by working with a single supplier, in reduced workspaces and without losing any sales.   

It is a proven business model, with presence throughout Latin America, and mainly, with a great differential in the constant service to each of our customers.

Along with the plotter we deliver all the necessary material to communicate in your business and digital media the products and their features. We have online tutorials and all instructions, training and communications are provided in Spanish, designed for the Latin American public. 

In Innova Games, we provide all our customers, personalized services and high performance products to achieve market positioning, helping to generate high flow demand.  

With presence throughout the Mexican Republic, we are a leader in the market of peripherals, gamer accessories, protection products and customization of mobile devices.